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Getinge Operating Table Features

The Getinge Maquet Meera mobile operating table with 45 different positions. The Maquet Meera has a motorized longitudinal shift, which allows for almost unrestricted radiolucency. It can be universally used in all surgical disciplines and is designed to be compatible to enable the continued use of our existing accessories for mobile OR tables. Equipped with many new product features to effectively help clinicians and surgical staff provide optimal patient care, the Maquet Meera surgical table offers an outstanding price-performance ratio for hospitals worldwide.

  • Longitudinal shift of 310 mm
  • Height adjustments of 600 mm – 1050 mm
  • Very slim design allowing for optimal access to tabletop
  • Easy to clean, robust, and plane stainless steel base cover
  • Highest stability with a three-point stance with a maximum load capacity of 454 kg
  • Electrical base brake by inserting wheels allowing the table base to be completely on the floor
  • Special comfort for the user with an LCD display on hand control which shows the current adjustment angle of the tabletop, status notifications, and charge of battery and allows for 10 memory positions to be set
  • Radiolucent area of up to 1630 mm and allows for 360-degree C-arm access with various carbon fibre modules
  • 35-degree Anti (reverse) Trendelenburg allowing for sitting or standing patient positions for bariatric surgeries

Getinge Operating Table Specifications

Technical Data

    • Length of the operating table top with standard backplate, headrest, and leg plate: 2,040 mm / 80″
    • Length of operating table top without accessories: 860 mm / 34″

Width without side rails: 540 mm/21″

  • Width across side rails: 590 mm/23″
  • Maximum radiolucent area: 1630 mm/64″
  • Weight: ca. 291 kg / 642lbs
  • Maximum overall load (patient + accessories): 454 kg / 1,000 lbs in Normal, 250 kg / 551 lbs in Reverse

Electrohydraulic Adjustments

  • Height without padding: 600 – 1,050 mm / 24-41″
  • Trendelenburg / Reverse Tendelenburg: 25° / 35°
  • Lateral Tilt: 20°
  • Lower back plate: +70° / -40°
  • Leg plate: +80° / -90°
  • Longitudinal shift: 310 mm / 12’’

Electrical Data

  • Specially designed batteries with a capacity for two working days of use in the operating room
  • Electronic monitoring of the battery charge level with an optical indicator and acoustic signal
  • Batteries recharged from mains power supply 100–240 V AC (adjustable), 50–60 Hz, via power supply cord
  • Safety class II type B; the enclosure leakage current meets the requirements of the patient leakage current for CF conditions as per EN 60601-1

General Construction Features

  • Battery and mains operation (see electrical data)
  • Base made of robust cast steel, resistant to impact, fracture, and disinfectants, grey-dyed with scratch resistant coat
  • Column casing and base cover made of CrNi steel
  • Supporting bars for the seat section and back section, leg plate sockets, joint covers, and side rails made of CrNi steel
  • The operating table top is subdivided into five sections: headrest (optional), upper back plate (optional), lower back plate, seat plate, and leg plates (optional)
  • Symmetrical accessory interfaces for Normal and Reverse positioning
  • The entire table top is designed without crossbars to permit radiography during surgical interventions
  • X-ray top for lateral insertion of X-ray cassettes (optional)
  • Manually lower the base castors (unlock) using an integrated tool (if electronics or hydraulics fail)

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