Skytron 3100A

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Skytron 3100A Features

Developed for maximum C-Arm access in procedures where only lateral tilt and Trendelenburg positioning are required, the Elite 3100A surgical table provides 23-1/2 inches of longitudinal top slide. This table is the ideal choice for vascular surgery, hip revisions, ureteroscopies, laser angioplasties, pacemaker insertions, pain management, and other C-Arm assisted procedures that can be accomplished quickly
and efficiently.

  • 500 lb. lift & articulate capacity.
  • 23” top slide (toward foot end).
  • X-ray cassette tunnel.
  • Precision locator system.
  • Removable leg section.
  • Line power.
  • Specialty articulation functions.
  • Durable one-touch pendant control.

One Touch Pendant Control

  • Recessed buttons reduce the possibility of accidental activation.
  • Durable, water-resistant steel housing.
  • Pendant control can be used from any point around the perimeter of the table.
  • Brakes automatically lock when any button is pushed for patient and staff safety.
  • Can be used in conjunction with optional foot control.

Skytron 3100A Specifications


  • Length: 69” (1750 mm)
  • Length (with Headrest): 82” (2080 mm)
  • Width: 19.75” (500 mm)
  • Width (with Side Rails): 21.75” (550 mm)
  • Weight of Operating Table: 774 lb (351 kg)
  • Maximum Permissible Load (Lift & Articulation): 500 lb (227 kg)

Hand Control Adjustments

  • Height: 29” – 40” (737 – 1010 mm)
  • Lateral Tilt (Left / Right): 20°
  • Trendelenburg / Reverse Trend: 20° / 20°
  • Power Kidney Bridge: Yes
  • Back-Up / Down: No
  • Leg Up / Down: No
  • Top Slide / Head: 23.5” (596.9 mm)
  • Top Slide / Foot: 23.5” (596.9 mm)
  • Flex/Reflex: No
  • Base Braking (Lock / Unlock:) Yes
  • Patient Orientation (Normal / Reverse): Yes
  • Return to Level: Yes

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