Stille ImagiQ Imaging Table

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Stille ImagiQ Features

  • Lower the radiation dose significantly during image-intense diagnosis and treatment!
  • The only “true free float”* and “virtual axis imaging”** table surface for easy and accurate patient positioning.
  • Its extended movability helps reduce the radiation dose for patients.
  • Repositioning the c-arm instead of the patient leads to faster processing and fewer corrective shots.-> on a low radiation carbon fiber table top 0.4 AL).
  • Best results also for soft tissue imaging.
  • Best results also for soft tissue imaging.
  • “True free float”: fast, pressure air assisted and accurate positioning leads to fewer corrective shots and speeds up the process, reducing the amount of radiation applied.
  • “Virtual axis imaging”: the distance from the imaging area to the emitter and camera of a C-arm remains the same even during tilting movements

Stillest ImagiQ Specifications

General Specifications

  • Length of Longitudinal Travel: 35 in
  • Patient Weight Limit: 440 lbs
  • Carbon Fiber Tabletop: 77 in x 22 in
  • Carbon Fiber head support: 9 in
  • Imaging area with headrest: 71 in


  • Height adjustable: 28″ – 43″
  • Trendelenburg and reverse Trendelenburg: ±25°
  • 4- way free-float
  • Lateral travel: 10″
  • Longitudinal travel: 27″

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