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Medtronic Puritan Bennett 980 Features

The Covidien Puritan Bennett 980 ventilator provides mechanical ventilation from neonatal patients to adults who require respiratory support. The Puritan Bennett 980 can be used for intra-hospital transport to provide continuous ventilatory support with oxygen and compressed medical air from an internal air compressor or external air source. This Medtronic ventilator delivers oxygen concentrations from 21% to 100%. The PB980 can administer ventilatory support to patients invasively or non-invasively who require positive pressure ventilation, assist/control, SIMV, or spontaneous modes of ventilation. It can be used in areas such as general care floors, operating rooms, and intensive care units. This Puritan Bennett Ventilator also has a battery backup that provides power in case AC power is lost. Prior versions of the Puritan Bennett ventilation systems include the Puritan Bennett 840.

  • Simple, easy-to-use, and highly customizable touchscreen user-interface.
  • 15” display that rotates 170° about a vertical axis in either direction.
  • Display shows ventilator, apnea, and alarm settings, patient data, waveforms, and current alarm banners.
  • Unique ventilator assurance feature that will continue to deliver ventilatory support as close to the preset setting in the event of certain system failures.

Medtronic Puritan Bennett 980 Ventilator Specifications


  • Height: 58” (147 cm)
  • Width: 12.5” (31.75 cm)
  • Depth: 11.5” (29.21 cm)
  • Weight: 113 lb (51.26 kg)


  • There are two displays on the PB 980. The primary display and the status display.
  • Size: 15”
  • ovements: 170° rotation about a vertical axis in either direction; 45° tilt from a vertical position.

Pneumatic Specifications

  • Oxygen and Air Inlet Supplies: Pressure: 241 to 600 kPa (35 psi to 87 psi); Flow: Maximum of 200 L/min
  • Gas Mixing System: Up to 80 L/min for pediatric circuit type; Up to 150 L/min for adult patients.; Additional flow is available (peak flow to 200 L/min) for compliance compensation.
  • Maximum Limited Pressure (PLIM max): Limits circuit pressure to < 125 cmH2O (123 hPa) at the patient wye
  • Maximum Working Pressure (PW max): PW max is ensured by the high-pressure limit when PI is 90 cmH2O (88.26 hPa)

Measuring Devices

  • Pressure Measurements: Type: Solid-state differential pressure transducer; Sensing position: Inspiratory module, expiratory module
  • Flow and Volume Measurements: Type: Hot film anemometer; Sensing position: Inspiratory module, expiratory module; Type: Proximal flow sensor option utilizes differential pressure; Sensing position: Patient wye
  • Oxygen Measurement: Type: Galvanic cell; Sensing position: Inspiratory module
  • Oxygen Sensor Life: Up to one year; operating life varies depending on oxygen usage and ambient temperature

Filtration Capabilities

  • Internal Inspiratory Filter Bacterial/Viral Filtration Efficiency: > 99.999%
  • Internal Inspiratory Filter Particle Filtration Efficiency: >99.97% retention of particles 0.3 µm nominal at 100 L/min flow
  • Exhalation Filter Resistance (Adult/Pediatric, Disposable): <0.7 cmH2O at 30 L/min (new); <0.35 cmH2O at 15 L/min
  • Expiratory Filter Bacterial/Viral Filtration Efficiency: > 99.999%
  • Exhalation Filter Particle Filtration Efficiency, Pediatric/Adult, Disposable: Maximum of 0.03% penetration of particles 0.3 µm nominal at 30 L/min flow


  • Predicted Body Weight (PBW): 3.5 kg (7.7 lb) to 150 kg (330 lb)
  • Modes: Assist Control (A/C), Synchronized Intermittent Mandatory Ventilation (SIMV), Spontaneous (SPONT), BiLevel, Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP)
  • Mandatory Breath Types: Volume Control (VC), Pressure Control (PC), and Volume Control Plus (VC+)
  • Spontaneous Breath Types: Pressure Support (PS), Volume Support (VS), Tube Compensation (TC), and Proportional Assist Ventilation PAV+ software
  • Ventilation Type: Invasive and Noninvasive (NIV)
  • Pressure Support (PSUPP): 0 cmH2O to 70 cmH2O
  • Rise Time %: 1% to 100%
  • Expiratory Sensitivity (ESENS): 1% to 80%; 1 L/min to 10 L/min with PAV+
  • Tidal Volume (VT): 25 mL to 2,500 mL; Resolution: 0.1 mL for values <5 mL; 1 mL for values 5 mL to 100 mL; 5 mL for values 100 mL to 395 mL; 10 mL for values =400 mL
  • Respiratory Rate (ƒ): 1.0 1/min to 100 1/min; 1.0 1/min to 150 1/min with Puritan Bennett 980 Universal ventilator
  • Peak Inspiratory Flow (VMAX): 3 L/min to 150 L/min
  • Plateau Time (TPL): 0.0 to 2.0 seconds
  • Inspiratory Pressure (PI): 5 to 90 cmH20
  • Inspiratory Time (TI): 0.2 to 8.0 seconds
  • I:E Ratio: 1:299 to 149:1
  • Expiratory time (TE): = 0.20 seconds; Resolution: 0.01 s
  • Trigger Type: Pressure-triggering (P-TRIG) or flow-triggering (V-TRIG)
  • Pressure sensitivity (PSENS): 0.1 cmH2O to 20 cmH2O
  • Flow sensitivity (VSENS): 0.2 L/min to 20 L/min
  • O2%: 21% to 100%
  • Positive end-expiratory pressure (PEEP): 0 cmH2O to 45 cmH2O
  • Apnea Ventilation Mandatory Type: PC, VC
  • Apnea Peak Inspiratory Flow (VMAX): 3.0 L/min to 150 L/min
  • Apnea Tidal Volume (VT): 25 mL to 2,500 mL
  • Apnea Inspiratory Pressure (PI): 5 cmH20 to 90-PEEP cmH20
  • Apnea Interval (TA): Apnea interval (TA) 10 to 60 seconds or Off in CPAP
  • Apnea Respiratory Rate (ƒA): 2.0 1/min to 40 1/min and =60/TA
  • Apnea O2%: 21% to 100% O2
  • Apnea I:E Ratio: = 1.00:1
  • Apnea inspiratory time (TI): 0.20 to 8 seconds
  • Apnea expiratory time (TE): 0.20 to 59.8 seconds
  • Disconnect Sensitivity (DSENS): 20% to 95% or Off (when Puritan Bennett™ ventilator with Leak Sync software is disabled); 1 L/min to 65 L/min (when Puritan Bennett ventilator with Leak Sync software is enabled)
  • Humidification Type: Heat-moisture exchanged (HME), non-heated expiratory tube, heated expiratory tube
  • Humidifier Volume: 100 mL to 1,000 mL
  • Patient Circuit Type: Pediatric and adult

Respiratory Maneuvers

  • Negative Inspiratory Force (NIF): = 0 cmH2O to = -50 cmH2O
  • P0.:1 = -20 cmH2O to 0 cmH2O
  • Vital capacity (VC): 0 mL to 6,000 mL

Advaned Displayed Patient Data

  • % Leak: 0% to 100%
  • Inspiratory Leak Volume (VLeak): 0 mL to 9,000 mL
  • Leak: 0 L/min to 200 L/min
  • Spontaneous Rapid Shallow Breathing Index (f/VT): 0.1 1/min-L to 600 1/min-L
  • Dynamic Resistance (RDYN): 0 cmH2O/L/s to 100 cmH2O/L/s
  • Dynamic Compliance (CDYN): 0 mL/cmH2O to 200 mL/cmH2O
  • Inspiratory Compliance (C20/C): 0 to 1.00

Refurbished Medtronic Puritan Bennett 980 Ventilator Systems

Soma Tech Intl offers the Medtronic Puritan Bennett 980 Ventilator system up to 50% below OEM prices with the same service and warranty as new. Soma Tech technically and cosmetically refurbishes the PB 980 to the original engineering manufacturer’s specifications. Using highly skilled, trained, and certified in-house biomedical engineers, these units are fully tested, disassembled, and, if necessary, parts are replaced. Once all the parts of the Covidien Puritan Bennett 980 are in working order, the ventilator is calibrated back to OEM specifications to make sure it works exactly the way it did when it originally left the manufacturer. Not only does Soma technically refurbish, but their units also undergo a special cosmetic restoration process. The Puritan Bennett Ventilator is cleaned, and minor scratches and dents are repaired, and decals are replaced if necessary. Once the 980 is looking and functioning like new, it finally goes through a final quality control check one last time before being labeled patient ready and packed up for shipment.

Soma Tech Intl also purchases used and pre-owned Medtronic Puritan Bennett 980s. If you or your facility wants to sell your Medtronic Puritan Bennett 980, Soma has an experienced purchasing department that makes the process headache and hassle-free. When selling your ventilator system to Soma, there is no need for a middleman, it is a direct transaction to Soma that ensures you get top dollar for your medical equipment. Soma Tech not only buys portable ultrasounds but also buys a wide variety of different medical equipment if your medical facility is looking to free up space. If you have medical equipment you would like to sell to soma, send us a message here!


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