Vyarie BellaVista 1000

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Vyarie BellaVista 1000 Ventilator

The Vyaire BellaVista 1000 is a ventilator that runs off of a turbine. The BellaVista offers positive pressure ventilation support for patients ranging from neonates, pediatrics, and adults. With High flow oxygen therapy and a variety of adaptive ventilation modes, the BellaVista 1000 is ideal for hospitals, sub-acute care facilities, and intrahospital transfer. The large color touch screen is both easy to see and each to use- with a touch of a finger you can the settings on the ventilation parameters the are being measured. The Vyaire Ventilator offers the latest in lung protection for patients during ventilation.

  • Minimize respiratory distress through Advanced synchronization
  • Monitoring features l include AnimatedLung and VentSummary
  • Most ventilation modes can support neonates, pediatrics, and adult patients over 13 lbs ( 6kg)
  • offers Smart ventilation modes for faster weaning and reducing the manual settings
  • High Flow Oxygen Therapy improves the oxygenation of patients while enhancing patient comfort
  • Lung Recruitment Tool provides an automated recruitment maneuver that is reliable and reproducible.
  • Esophageal Pressure Monitoring to refine your lung protection strategy

Vyaire BellaVista 1000 Specifications



  • Height: 8.6″ (22 cm)
  • Width: 13.7″ (35 cm)
  • Depth: 12.9″ (33 cm)
  • Weight: 27.9 lbs (12.7 kg)

Stand and Ventilator

  • Height: 46″ – 51.9″ (117 – 132 cm)
  • Width: 21.4″ (54.5 cm)
  • Depth: 22.6″ (57.5 cm)

Ventilation Mode

  • Pressure controlled CPAP, PCV, P-A/C, PC-SIMV, PSV, beLevel, APRV, S, S/T, T <?li>
  • Volume controlled VCV, V-A/C, VC-SIMV, PLV (Pressure Limited Ventilation), P-ACtarget,PC-SIMVtarget, PSVtarget
  • Flow Pattern Square, Decelerating 50%, Decelerating
  • Adaptive Mode AVM
  • Non Invasive Modes CPAP, PSV, P-A/C, PC-SIMV, beLevel, APRV, P-A/Ctarget, PC-SIMVtarget, PSVtarget, nCPAP, nIPPV
  • BellaVista Modes: DualVent, DayNight, MaskFit
  • Apnea ventilation: P-AC, PC-SIMV, V-AC, VC-SIMV
  • Backup Modes: PSV, Burst backup

Other parameters

  • Peak inspiratory flow 0-260l/min
  • Inspiratory pressure, IPAP 0..100mbar
  • Support 0..80mbar PEEP, EPAP 0..50mbar
  • Tidal volume 40..2500ml Adult/Pediatric, 2..250ml Neonatal1
  • Inspiratory time 0.1..10 sec
  • Respiratory rate 0..100 bpm Adult/Pediatric, 0..150bpm Neonatal
  • I:E ratio 1:599; 49:1 (biphasic) 1:59; 5:1 other modes
  • Inspiratory Trigger Flow 0.1..20l/min, Pressure 0.1..15mbar, Trigger off
  • Expiratory Trigger auto.sync, 5..90% manual <?li>
  • Rise time auto.rise, 0..2000ms manual
  • Leakage compensation auto.leak, automatic in-/expiratory leak compensation
  • Curves Pressure, Flow, Volume, ATC, SpO2, etCO2,
  • Loops Pressure Volume, Pressure Flow, Flow Volume, Volumetric CO2
  • Monitoring 56 online parameters
  • Trending 14 days realtime trending, 1 year parameter trending
  • Maneuvers Manual Breath, configurable sigh, Inspiratory Hold, Expiratory Hold, NIF (Negative Inspiratory Force), Vtrapped, P0.1 (Occlusion Pressure), AutoPEEP
  • Graphics AnimatedLung, AVM TargetView, TargetVent View, MaskFit , VentSummary
  • Oxygen 21%.. 100%
  • Patient circuit type Single Limb, Dual Limb, Adult, Pediatric, Neonatal
  • Nebulizer Integrated pneumatic, inspiratory, expiratory, and continuous
  • Interfaces 2 × RS232, Ethernet, VGA, 2 × USB, Nurse Call, CO2, SpO2, bellavista Bus
  • Connection protocols VueLink, Intellibridge, HL7
  • Screen 13.3” Color Touchscreen
  • Battery time 6 h (internal)
  • Oxygen supply 0..7 bar Air Inlet built-in turbine
  • Protection class IPX1
  • Power input 100-240 VAC ± 20% / 50–60 Hz Low voltage input 24 VDC / 3.5 A

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