Sell your used medical equipment to Soma Tech Intl - We buy used medical equipment

Sell your used medical equipment to Soma Tech Intl - We buy used medical equipment

Sell Used Medical Equipment to Soma Tech Intl

Soma Tech Intl is known as a leader in the refurbished medical market. As sellers, we sell refurbished medical equipment, but also need to get it from somewhere else. We purchase our medical equipment from a variety of sellers. Hospitals, surgery centers, sales representatives, service engineers, biomedical and clinical engineers, materials managers, and supply chain directors all sell medical equipment to Soma. C-Arms, Anesthesia Machines, Blanket Warmers, Autoclaves, Patient Monitors, Defibrillators, Bladder Scanners, EKG Machines, Fetal Monitors, Heart-Lung Machines, Surgical / Imaging Tables, Ultrasound Machines, Ventilators, and Surgical Lights, are only some of the categories that we are actively looking to purchase and keep in stock.

Sell Your Used Medical Equipment

Why Us

Sellers have many reasons they would like to sell their previously used or pre-owned medical equipment. They may be updating their surgical suite, medical facility, or a clinical office. Sellers are usually looking to replace the products with the newest technology. This helps to liquidate assets and make larger budgets available. Soma Tech buys medical equipment so if you are wondering if you could sell used medical equipment to Soma Tech you can give us a call at 1-800-GET-SOMA or contact us on our website Sell to Soma.

With over 26 years of business, Soma prides themselves on building a valued partnership. You would be selling your ICU equipment directly to Soma Tech without a middleman. We have experienced logistics personnel that are able to handle the entire buying process, including the removal of your medical equipment from your facility. They also will make sure your used medical equipment arrives at our facility in the same condition that it left yours.

There are a few other benefits of selling your medical equipment and machines to Soma. Your facility will regain storage and floor space with the removal of pre-owned medical equipment. You can coordinate with our sales representatives to conduct trade-in transactions. Following a green standard, you are helping to protect the environment by recycling devices that would otherwise end up in a landfill. Soma then takes the medical equipment and makes them fully functioning to OEM specifications by technically and cosmetically refurbishing them. View the Top 10 Reasons to Sell Your Medical Equipment to Soma Tech.

Our dedicated equipment purchasing department processes requests to let you focus on patient care. When a medical equipment request is processed online, it takes less than one business day for Soma to reach out for more information.

Sell Used Medical Devices

Purchasing Department

Soma Tech Intl understands that every situation is different in terms of purchasing. Usually, someone will reach out with an interest in buying your used medical equipment. Our form can be found on our Sell To Soma page, also linked above. This form asks for a first and last name, address, city, state, zip code, email, and a box for comments. This box will allow the owner to write about the used medical equipment they are trying to sell, describe the condition of the product, and even include a picture of the unit. The comments allow the owner of the medical equipment to describe the condition or let us know if there are any missing parts. Soma Tech works with a wide variety of medical facilities and is a certified HIPPA compliant company.

Refurbishment Process

Once the medical equipment has been sold to us, it will undergo our fastidious refurbishment process. First, the unit is tested and cleaned. Missing or broken parts are replaced. After many diagnostic checks, the medical equipment is calibrated to OEM specifications. Next is cosmetics. The machine is sanded, painted, and if needed, decals are replaced. A final quality and diagnostic check ensure that the product is fully functioning, and patient ready.

Top Used Medical Equipment To Sell Used

Infusion Pumps

Infusion pumps are one of our most requested items, especially during flu season. Infusion and syringe pumps are critical to increased patient census and are in demand from November to April. These pumps help to deliver continuous medication and fluids to patients in the best way who otherwise cannot ingest these items. Soma Tech Intl buys used and pre-owned infusion pumps, headache, and hassle-free.


All surgical centers and operating rooms contain at least one C-Arm or mini C-Arm. These imagining and diagnostic tools help surgeons and physicians take quality images of the parts of the body they will be operating on. C-Arms are imaging devices that is always in demand. Soma Tech buys used C-Arms. Soma makes it easy for hospitals and surgery centers to decide what to do with their surplus medical equipment.

Anesthesia Machines

As with most invasive procedures, and some non-invasive procedures, some type of general or local anesthetic is used. Anesthesia machines help to numb the patient and allow for a successful surgery. We actively seek out the best pre-owned and used anesthesia machines for our inventory. Are you looking to liquidate assets and regain storage and floor space? We buy used anesthesia machines. If your facility is looking for an upgrade, Earmark the value of your current devices with Soma Tech as trade-in credit for new units.

Electrosurgical Units

As stated above, we purchase used surgical equipment. Electrosurgical units are one of the many different used medical equipment categories that we are always looking for. These units are used in many surgical procedures in a variety of medical specialties. Our experienced logistics personnel are conveniently able to remove units for refurbishment, making sure the system arrives in the same condition as when it left your facility. Are you looking to sell your used ESU? We buy used electrosurgical units.

Surgical Tables

We accept all types of used surgical tables. Surgical tables in working condition are ubiquitous to all surgical procedures. We seek out surgical centers who want to liquidate their devices and sell used surgical tables. Liquidating assets is a valuable revenue builder for any business in the healthcare industry. Soma Tech Intl has more than 26 years of experience building trust with our partners. We ensure you are always getting the best value for your used capital equipment.

Heart-Lung Machines

Heart-Lung machines are always in demand. Pulmonologists and cardiologists alike use this machine to diagnose their patients. Sell your used heart-lung machines to us today. In a market flooded with middlemen, selling used medical equipment directly to Soma Tech guarantees that you receive maximum profit for your pre-owned and used heart-lung machines. We have the buying power to procure large inventories of devices, simplifying the liquidating process into a single-source experience.

Contact Medical Purchasing Department

If you would like to contact purchasing, please click on the link, Sell to Soma. The phone number is 860-578-1070, toll-free 1-800-GET-SOMA, or you can email [email protected]. You can also use the contact form below, to contact our purchasing department directly.

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    1. We have a medical bed that has never been used. Also, a powered recliner that has been used in very good condition and never soiled.

        1. Hello i try to find some probes for ultrasound systemlike the convex fo the Siui cts385 the convex and the intracaviti probes. thank

          1. Hello Luis,

            Thank you for contacting Soma Technology! I have sent this information over to one of our sales reps. If you have any more information don’t hesitate to reach out!

            Soma Technology, Inc.

            1. I have been trying to send you all information and pics of medical stuff I have and it wont go thru

            2. Hello Melissa!

              I am sorry for the inconvenience. I have sent this information to our web development team and they will be looking into this issue. As far as the medical equipment, you can send an email to Soma Technology’s Procurement Department and they will be able to assist you.

              Have a good day and thank you for contacting Soma Technology!

              Soma Technology, Inc.

          2. Hi i have a at home hospital bed, a wheelchair, walkers, everything someone on hospice could need. Would you be interested in those types of items?

            1. Hi Matt,

              Thank you for your comment. I have sent this information to our purchasing department.

            2. I have two power wheelchairs and a portable philips resperonics simply go with the carrying case. Would you guys be interested in any of these?

      1. Hi, I have an Ergotron Style View Emr laptop cart for sale . Like New Condition. Website will not let me send description and picture above. Would this be sonething you guys are interested in

        1. Hello Christopher,

          I have sent this information to our purchasing department. If we are interested then we will reach out. If there is anything else you’d like to add to your request don’t hesitate to reach out by sending us an email at [email protected].

          Thank you for contacting Soma Tech Intl!

        1. Hello Tom,

          Thank you for your comment! At this time we aren’t actually purchasing Afflovest’s.

          If you have anything else in the future feel free to reach out here, use our contact form, or give us a call at 1.800.438.7662.

          Thank you for reaching out to Soma Tech Intl.

          Have a good day!

      1. Hello David!

        Thank you for your inquiry. We currently do not stock that piece of equipment. If you have anything else in the future please reach out to [email protected]

        Have a good day!

        Soma Technology, Inc.

          1. Hello David,

            Thank you for your comment! Our Procurement team is looking into it right now.

            Thank you,
            Soma Technology, Inc.

    2. I have a MRI machine and various X-ray and ultrasound machines used but in good condition , is this something you might be interested in ? Thanks

    3. This is probably a long shot, but do you buy the Respironics Simply Go Portable Oxygen Concentrators? I have a used one… the entire setup, with rolling cart, batteries, chargers, bags, etc. Thanks!

    4. Hi, I have a chiropractic roller table, a diathermy machine, an x-ray processor, an x-ray view box and a medical scale for sale, a hand held ultra sound machine and file cabinets. Do you buy any of these items?

      1. Hello Les M Young! Thank you for reaching out to Soma Technology! I have sent your information over to our procurement department. They will be in touch with you.

    5. I have a used like new 55″ HD Medical Display model number FS-L5501D That has come into my possession that I do not have need of.

    6. Hi. I’m in NL. I have a very well taken care of, perfect shape Volker 3080 hospital bed that was used in home. Would you be interested in this?

        1. Good Morning,
          I have several gently used at home pieces of medical equipment.
          – oxygen concentrator with battery and connections for use in a car
          – wheelchair
          – 2 walkers – both drive but one is the convertible to use as a wheel chair
          Thank you.

          1. Hello Marcia,

            Unfortunately, we do not purchase this type of equipment. If you have anything else in the future please send in a request at Sell to Soma.

            Thank you for contacting Soma Technology!
            Have a good day!

            Soma Technology, Inc.

    7. Hi,we have some slightly used Hospital Beds (about 20 pcs.)would you be interested to buy this.

    8. Hello
      We are an IT recycling company located in Toronto Canada and regularly receive medical and hospital items.
      We currently have a VALLEYLAB FORCE TRIAD UNIT that came in with screen damage. If interested in purchasing this item please contact me.

      1. Hello Dharm,

        Thank you for contacting Soma Technology! I have sent your inquiry to our procurement department. If you ever have any more inquiries like this feel free to take a picture and contact us at Sell To Soma. You can also send an email to [email protected].

        Thanks again!
        Soma Technology, Inc.

    9. Good Afternoon,

      I have tons of medical Equipment that I am trying to get rid of, for example

      Welch Allyn Vital Signs Monitor Series 6000.
      Smith & Nephew Surgical Orthopedic IMHS Instrument Set 7115-2106
      PHS West Ergo – Express Motorized Platform Cart / Truck
      Hill-Rom Resident P870 Long Term Care Bed
      Cardiocom Commander Flex 100011-020 Medical Communicator
      and tons more

      1. Hello Kimberly,

        Thank you for contacting Soma Technology about your medical equipment. We have sent this information to our purchasing department. If you have any more information to add, please send an email to [email protected].

        Have a great day!
        Soma Technology, Inc.

    10. Hello there! Do you by chance purchase insulin pumps? I have a Medtronic Paradigm Real-Time Minimed with most of the original pieces still in bags with the user guide.

    11. Good Afternoon,

      I am having a ResMed BiPAP Machine (Air Curve)
      ResMed BiPAP Machine (Air Curve)

      Resmed BiPAP Machine is a noninvasive ventilator designed for non-dependent patients with obstructive or restrictive respiratory conditions.

      Integrated and humidifier
      SD Card
      Slimline Tube
      Carrying Bag
      5x Filters
      Power Adapter

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