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January 5, 2018
Warming Cabinet - Blanket Warmer - Fluid Warmer - Soma Technology, Inc.

Warming Cabinet - Blanket Warmer - Fluid Warmer - Soma Technology, Inc.

Product Category – Soma Technology Trivia

This category of products is often used to heat blankets for patient comfort to help maintain the patient’s body temperature. It can also be used to warm linens, sterile intravenous and surgical irrigation fluids in a medical environment. They can come in various sizes, small enough to fit on a tabletop, or just as large as a refrigerator. Hospitals and clinics are not the only places you will see these, you can also see them in veterinary offices, dentist offices, and spas.

Are you stumped?

It’s a Warming Cabinet!

Warming Cabinets may also be referred to as blanket warmers. There is no difference between these two terms. The low temperatures of surgical suites and medical procedure rooms can have adverse effects on the patient. It is important to maintain a patient’s body temperature to help prevent these effects. Hypothermia during or after a procedure is a primary factor for using a hospital blanket warmer. Hypothermia increases the risk of SSI (Surgical Site Injection). Getting this infection would increase the patient’s hospital stay increasing the cost t0 the facility. Along with SSI hypothermia can also cause cardiac events or cause coagulation difficulties. Coagulation is your body’s blood forms clots to block and then heal a lesion, wound, cut. Read more about blood clots here.

Blanket Warmers are used to warm patients who are feeling cold. whether this be a comfort issue, or they are having other issues.  Flu-like symptoms including the shivers, are necessary to warming a patient right before they get a fever. For some chronically ill patients who are dying, having warm blankets to keep their body temperature increased is necessary.

Facilities can prevent events like this from happening using a blanket warmer or warming cabinet throughout all phases of the procedure. You can view all the blanket warmers Soma Technology offers on our website at


Soma Technology offers top blanket warmer manufacturers like:

Blickman Blanket Warmers

Blockman Blanket Warmers - Soma Technology, Inc.

Getinge Blanket Warmers

Getinge Blanket Warmers - Soma Technology, Inc.

Steris Blanket Warmers

Steris Blanket Warmers - Soma Technology, Inc.


If you have any questions about any of our blanket warmers or need a quick quote, call 1-800-GET-SOMA and one of our knowledgeable sales representatives will help you. You can also contact one of our sales representatives in your area at

Do you have a favorite type of blanket warmer that you enjoy using? What features would you like to see on future generations of blanket warmers? Comment Below!


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