How Millennial Lifestyle is Changing the Face of Healthcare

December 19, 2016
How Millennial Lifestyle is Changing the Face of Healthcare

Millennials are the newest generation to purchase health insurance, and their choices are making a large impact on the healthcare industry. Instead of traditional forms of choosing a doctor, and respecting their opinion, millennials have a different approach. In the article, “What Healthcare Gets Wrong About Millennials” from, Lynn O’Connor Vos writes that, “for this generation, health goes beyond The Merck Manual to include mental health, fitness, longevity, healthy lifestyles, and more.” Vos continues with mentioning, “exercise and nutrition are as essential to healthcare as antibiotics are to curing infection.” The healthcare industry is going to have to target their audience in the future to an approach covering all holistic ways of living.

Growing up in the technological age, millennials have easy access to information on the internet with a click of a few keys. They are quick to research any topic on their phones, or to fact check their friends in a conversation. Millennials do not trust one source of information, such as their primary care physician, without pursuing the internet or other specialists. Vos recommends the healthcare industry, “asks them what they know and to take it from there.” While millennials have access to a plethora of information, they still need help deciphering what sites and outlets to gain the best insight from.

The current generation of millennials are quickly becoming parents and the trend is only bolstering ahead at a quick rate. Vos concludes that “nearly 30% of millennials are now parents, and as they start becoming responsible for not only their own health, but also that of their children, their influence,” is expected to take a large presence in the healthcare industry. The healthcare industry is expected to rapidly shift business and appeal to a changing demographic; the current millennials and their children.

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