National Hospital Week 2018

May 10, 2018
National Hospital Week

National Hospital Week

National Hospital Week 2018

This week, May 6th – 12th is National Hospital Week. At Soma Technology, we would like to take the time to thank all hospital workers for their contributions to the success of healthcare. From doctors, nurses, management, paramedics, emergency services, physician’s assistants, nursing assistants, aids, physical therapists, ultrasound technicians, custodial and food services, there are many people who help run a hospital.

Hospitals need to be running at their best capacity to produce great healthcare. Patients only benefit and get healthier from the treatment they receive.

Hospitals as an Institution

Hospitals are known as medical facilities for which medical care is given in either a severe situation or for a prolonged period of time. This is different than an ambulatory surgical center or clinic where treatment does not require as much time. Patients stay multiple days in hospitals where they forge bonds with the hospital employees.

Celebrating Hospital Employees

All employees work as a cohesive unit to make sure hospitals run smoothly. Management decides how staffing and procedures are completed daily. Paramedics and EMTs help to transport patients via ambulance, or sometimes pilots fly patients to special units between hospitals. Next, doctors, nurses, and physician’s assistants decide what type of care will be given to patients. Pharmacists dose out medication. Radiology technicians help to diagnose any underlying issues. Administrators act as the liaison between patients and their family members.

Overall, a hospital is a place where people come to get better. Hospitals take care of communities, and help them grow; either with the OBGYN unit for births or through oncology units helping people to stay alive.

Final Thoughts

Are you a hospital worker? Have you ever been a hospital worker? What do hospitals mean for you? Have you ever had a particularly great experience at a hospital? Comment below!

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