National Pi Day – Celebrating With Pie Day

March 14, 2022
National Pi Day - Celebrating With Pie Day - Soma Tech Intl


  1. Introduction
  2. What are the first 100 digits of pi?
  3. What year was Pi Day first celebrated?
  4. What is pi used for?
  5. Pi Day at Soma Tech Intl


For over 30 years, March 14 has been continuously recognized as National Pi Day! Pi is the ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter. Regardless of how large or small the circle is, the ratio will always equal pi. Pi is an irrational number. The decimal form of pi never ends or repeats, but the most recognizable approximation of pi is 3.14. This is why we celebrate Pi Day on 3/14! This holiday has been observed in a variety of ways that include pie making, pie eating, and even pi decimal memorization contests.

What are the first 100 digits of pi?

In mathematics, the Greek letter “π” is the symbol used to represent the ratio between the circumference and the diameter. It’s known as a constant that never ends, never repeats, and doesn’t have a pattern. With modern computers, we have successfully calculated more than the first 50 trillion digits of pi, but we won’t bore you with that. Here are the first 100 digits of pi.


What year was Pi Day first celebrated?

The first large gathering for a Pi Day celebration was founded by Larry Shaw in 1988. Shaw was an American physicist who worked at the Exploratorium which is a museum of science in San Francisco, California. Shaw is known as the “Prince of Pi” after starting the first celebrations of Pi Day. The first celebration started with the eating of fruit pies. Slowly it grew to not only fruit pies, but dinner pies, and even pizzas (which are often referred to as pies). It wasn’t until 2009 that the United States House of Representatives supported the designation of March 14th as National Pi Day.

What is pi used for?

Pie is used in a wide variety of applications. It can be used to calculate the circumference, area of a circle, circular velocities, voltage across coils and capacitors, the way light moves through space, and the motion of planets in space to name a few.

To find the area of a circle you can use the equation: Area = πr^2 (pi times radius squared)
To find the circumference of a circle you can use the equation: Circumference = πd (pie times diameter)
To find the volume of a sphere you can use the equation: 3/4πr^3 (3/4 times pi times radius cubed)
To find the surface area of a sphere you can use the equation: 4πr^2 (4 times pi times radius squared)

Pi Day at Soma Tech Intl

Here at Soma we also celebrate Pi day by holding a pie competition. Employees make a pie and then it’s judged based on appearance and taste. The employee with the highest score wins! Here are some of the pies our employees made this year. Which pie do you think should be the winner? Let us know in the comments down below!

Spiced Ginger Pear Pie by Marketing Coordinator Kristina at Soma Tech Intl
Spiced Ginger Pear Pie – Kristina
Apricot Pie by Biomedical Engineer Majed at Soma Tech Intl
Apricot Pie – Majed
Oven Roasted S'more Pie by Marketing Coordinator Patrick from Soma Tech Intl
Oven Roasted S’mores Pie – Patrick
Indian Ramen Pie by Biomedical Engineer Schleshin at Soma Tech Intl
Indian Ramen Pie – Schleshin
Pickle Pie by Procurement Coordinator Steve from Soma Tech Intl
Pickle Pie – Steve
Spinach Pie by Valentina at Soma Tech Intl
Spinach Pie – Valentina
Guava Pie by Bio-Med Victor at Soma Tech Intl
Guava Pie – Victor

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