Rental Options

January 10, 2018
Rental Options from Soma Technology

Rental Options from Soma Technology

Rental Options

Soma Technology is proud to announce the redesign of our Capital Medical Equipment Rental Page. We believe that renting medical equipment should be quick. We have rental options widely available for hospitals to stay on budget, and on track with their patient census and healthcare options. Rentals ensure equipment availability to meet immediate needs, freedom from technical obsolescence, ability to access equipment without delay, and to ensure management of resources. Medical equipment can be rented for a short or long term with the option to own.

Why Rent From Soma Technology?

There are many reasons why hospitals and surgical centers choose to rent medical equipment. Sometimes, in a hurry, surgical centers will have scheduled patient’s surgeries with much time in advance. Due to their critical nature, these surgeries cannot be canceled if a machine is failing. Often, rentals are because a piece of equipment is down in the emergency room or surgical suite, and they need that piece for an operation.

There are critical scenarios where there will be a sharp increase in patient census. This is usually the case for flu season. An increase in patients equates to an increased need in medical equipment. During the flu season, we are approached by a multitude of institutions for ventilators, patient monitors, and infusion pumps.

Sometimes, people would like to try out equipment before they buy it. If they do end up buying, this is called the rent-to-own option. Some hospitals and medical staff are accustomed to using a certain piece of equipment. If this piece of equipment has been discontinued, we likely have it available in our large inventory.

Budgetary Concerns

Hospital budgets are always the main concern of buyers of medical equipment. We pride ourselves on supplying refurbished medical equipment which costs almost 50% less than new equipment. This allows for hospitals and surgical centers to buy more equipment at a lower cost than new. This smaller allocation of the budget allows for the hospital to divert funds to other projects including medical care, research, and employment.

What Capital Medical Equipment Can Be Rented?

We offer many options on which machines are available for rent. Our large stock inventory ensures that we will have machines ready to go in a short amount of time once the rental has been placed. We have a large supply of machines from the top brands in the medical marketing including; GE, Philips, Drager, Baxter, Physio-Control, and more. We specialize in many categories of medical equipment. These equipment categories are; anesthesia, BiPAP, bladder scanners, C-arm, defibrillators, EKGs, ESU’s, imaging tables, infant warmers, infusion pumps, surgical tables, ultrasounds, ventilators, and many more.

Next Rental Steps

If your facility is interested in rentals, please contact your local sales representative. Each sales representative is more than willing to listen to your clinical needs and make recommendations on which machines to rent. Have you ever rented from Soma? What has your experience been like? Comment below, and we are very interested in continuing the conversation on medical equipment rental options.



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