What is The Difference Between The Maquet Cardiosave and CS300

July 9, 2018
What's the difference between the Maquet Cardiosave Hybrid and the Maquet Datascope CS300 - Comparing the Cardiosave and the CS300

What's the difference between the Maquet Cardiosave Hybrid and the Maquet Datascope CS300 - Comparing the Cardiosave and the CS300

Maquet Cardiosave and Maquet CS300 Comparison

What is an IABP?

IABP is short for Intra-Aortic Balloon Pump. It’s a therapeutic medical device that helps your heart pump more blood with less energy from your own body. One might need IABP therapy if their heart is unable to pump enough blood throughout their body. A long balloon called an IAB or intra-aortic balloon is attached to one end of a catheter. The catheter is attached to a computer console that controls the inflating and deflating of the balloon once inserted into the aorta. Typically, the IAB is inserted through a small cut on the inside of your upper leg and guided to your aorta. The balloon will inflate when the heart relaxes; pushing blood flow back toward the coronary arteries, and deflates when the heart contracts.

What is the difference between the Maquet Cardiosave and the Maquet CS300?

Compared to the Maquet CS300, the Maquet Cardiosave represents a giant leap forward in functionality and versatility, while still continuing to deliver the performance of Datascope’s previous model, the CS300. When comparing the difference between the earlier CS300 model and the Cardiosave, it’s easy to distinguish a few visual changes. The Cardiosave has an upgraded and well organized user-interface, lighter design, and two displays with touchscreen capabilities. But, are there any technical differences between the two IABPs? Technologically speaking, the Maquet Cardiosave and the Maquet CS300 are very similar. The biggest difference would be the mobility. The Cardiosave has the option to quickly transition to transport mode. Transport mode allows exceptional ease-of-use for on the go therapy. If there is no need for extreme mobility in your facility, just your standard Maquet CS300 on a rolling stand would be the best fit, but it is best to speak with qualified sales representatives when requesting a quote.

Maquet Cardiosave Dimensions

The Maquet Cardiosave stands 44-inches high when the display is closed. It has a width of 22-inches and a depth of 27-inches. The biggest physical development between the Cardiosave and the CS300 is the weight. The Cardiosave’s weight is an astonishing 114 pounds with all the accessories attached, while the CS300 weighs in at about 185 pounds. The Cardiosave weighs about 70 pounds lighter! The Cardiosave features 2 12.1-inch liquid crystal touch screen displays, and has a total of 2 lithium-ion batteries.

Maquet CS300 Dimensions

The Maquet CS300 is about 43 inches tall with a closed display. It has a width of almost 17-inches, with a depth of about 22-inches. As stated above, the CS300 weighs about 185 pounds, features 1 10.4 inch Liquid Crystal Display, and a total of 2 Sealed Lead-Acid batteries.

Requesting Either Cardiosave or a CS300

Both of these machines are readily available for purchasing, or rental options. Our team of sales representatives are willing to quote and work with materials managers to understand your needs. Our sales department can be reached here, or at [email protected], and at 860-578-1010.

Final Thoughts

Do you have any other questions about the Maquet Cardiosave or the Maquet CS300? To get an immediate response call 1-800-GET-SOMA during regular business hours to answer your questions about IABPs. Are you looking for IABP rentals? Soma Technology, Inc. offers a wide variety of IABP rentals.


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