GE Datex-Ohmeda Aespire View Anesthesia Machines

November 12, 2018
GE Aespire View

GE Aespire View

GE Datex-Ohmeda Aespire View Anesthesia Machines

Anesthesia machines are a large part of making healthcare both safe and successful. Anesthesia allows surgeons to operate on a cooperative patient. While surgeons would not want a patient to be awake during most surgeries, the anesthetic also helps to make certain that the patient doesn’t feel any of the pain. The GE Aespire View is a great option in anesthesia machines, and one of our top selling products.

GE Aespire View Features

There are many technological features on the Aespire View. This systems features expert gas flow delivered by way of tubes. There is a small breathing system for gas responses, fewer parts help prevent unwanted disconnects or leaks, and there is a bag-to-vent switch that works without electronics in case their a power outage. Other features are autoclavable and latex free surfaces as well as two storage drawers.

Aespire View Specifications

This machine is approximately 300 pounds and comes on wheels to make it easily transportable between operating rooms. There are several opertaing ventilation modes including VCV, PCV, SIMV, PSV, SIMV-PC, PCV-VG and PSV Pro.

Requesting a GE Aespire View Anesthesia Machine

Please contact one of our sales representatives if you are interested in requesting this anesthesia machine or any of our other products. Our sales representatives have experience in outfitting hospitals, and surgical centers. You can either contact the regional sales directors by their direct line or email, or at 1-800-GET-SOMA, and [email protected].

Spare Anesthesia Machine Parts

We have many parts available and in stock for anesthesia machines. If you are interested in placing an order, that can be placed on our parts website. If you would like to place an order, you can either do so on the website, email [email protected], or directly call our Parts Department at 1-860-578-1033.

Final Thoughts

Have you ever used this GE Datex Ohmeda Aespire View before? Are there other anesthesia machines or GE products that you enjoy using? Would you suggest using this anesthesia machine to other professionals? Comment why or why not below!

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