GE OEC 9900 Elite

GE is a trusted brand that has saturated the medical equipment market. They produce intuitive, well-working medical equipment. C-arms are large pieces of imaging equipment that take captures of inside the body. An X-ray is black and white, with the white meaning that there is a hard substance there. X-rays show broken or fractured bones, any decalcification of bones like osteoporosis, and can also show hardened tissue like cysts, or kidney stones. The white is made from the X-rays being refracted back into the image. The black is where the rays have seamlessly gone through the body. Click to continue reading about the GE OEC 9900 Elite C-arm.

GE OEC 9900 Elite Features

The GE OEC 9900 Elite has many technological features, as it is currently the highest and newest GE C-arm on the market. There are many technological features. This unit uses a no-mask/ motion tolerant subtraction technique to produce vascular images not previously possible on mobile platforms. Features include  precision imaging dynamic range of motion, touchscreen controls, unique X-Ray rube and cooling system for full-resolution images for long periods of time. Other features include an HD flat panel monitors on an articulating arm allowing for comfortable viewing of images, remote service connectivity, and high resolution imaging technology on a mobile system.

GE OEC 9900 C-Arm Specifications

This unit is able to have continuous high level fluoroscopy, full power from a standard wall outlet, and a patented batter buffered design. The X-ray tube is a rotating anode X-ray tube. The digital image rotation allows the image to be digitally adjusted, and the image is positioned without additional exposure. The collimator has on-screen position indication, and can adjust collimators without additional X-ray exposure. Modes include fluoro mode, pulsed fluoro, high level pulsed fluoro, digital spot mode, and radiographic mode.

The X-ray picture quality is superb. Image quality features include smart window, smart metal to allow the used to adjust automatic brightness and contrast sensitivity levels to metal and provides optimum image quality when metal is introduced. A tungsten collimator reduces scatter radiation, and improves image detail. The video camera is a full frame capture, with motorized rotation, on-screen orientation indicator, left-right image reversal, and top-bottom image invent. The video display monitors are viewable from all sides of the workstation, and the system is controlled by touch screen.

Purchasing a 9900 C-Arm

If you would like to purchase this C-arm, or maybe you are thinking about rental or rent-to-own options, one of our sales representatives is more than willing to help! Our staff has exceptional product knowledge, and has helped to outfit hospitals, including operating rooms, and emergency rooms. Contact us today!

The Refurbishment Process

All of the equipment that our purchasing department buys goes through very strict testing by biomedical engineers. The engineers test and calibrate the equipment and replace necessary parts before it goes off to cosmetics. In cosmetics the unit  will receive sanding, painting, and decals or stickers to make it look like new. After cosmetics, the unit is sent back to testing by the engineers for a full check. Once the unit is certified and up to the original equipment manufacturer’s specifications, the unit is packaged and ship to your facility and ready for patient use.

Final Thoughts

Have you ever used the GE 9900 Elite C-arm? Have you ever used the 9800, or the 9600 versions? Overall, would you say that GE is a brand that you trust? Is it a brand that appears on most of your hospital or medical equipment? Are there features on this C-Arm that you enjoy using, or some that you would change? Comment below!

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