Stryker 1488

November 29, 2017
Stryker 1488

Stryker 1488 HD Video System Specifications

The 1488 HD Camera System utilizes advanced CMOS technology and premium optics to continue the legacy of best-in-class video systems that Stryker has delivered to its customers for over 25 years. The 1488 system provides a clear bright image designed to enhance patient outcomes. Cross-specialty standardization is enabled through nine dedicated surgical specialty settings.

The 1488 HD Camera System is a cross-specialty solution designed to maximize the value of our customers’ investment in Stryker. By designing both hardware and software of the products, Stryker enables better overall performance and functionality of the system through tighter integration of each component in the platform.


Premium Optics & CMOS Technology

  • Image Brightness and Clarity
  • High Noise Immunity
  • Designed for Patient Safety – Enhanced light sensitivity of the 1488 allows the light source to run at lower power levels that can reduce the risk of patient/drape burns while still providing premium optical performance

Cross-Specialty Standarization

  • Nine Surgical Specialties – optimized performance to address the specific color and lighting needs of individual surgical procedures
  • Stryker provides a comprehensive cross-specialty surgical solution designed to maximize the value of our customers’ investment in Stryker
  • Enables standardization of video systems to one platform

Platform Integration

The 1488 is designed to optimize the surgical experience for every surgeon:

  • Array of camera head options specific to the needs of varying surgical specialties
  • Activation of L9000 LED Light Source
  • Infravision compatibility—quick and easy identification of critical anatomy
  • Wingman Pneumatic Scope Holder Integration provides pneumatic image stability and control from the 1488 Camera Head
  • Customization of the surgical experience through 4 programmable camera buttons
  • Activation of the L9000 LED Light Source and Wingman Scope Holder from the surgical field
  • 10 button functions built scalable to increase with platform advancements
  • Optical Zoom Coupler provides dynamic zoom range with no compromise in image clarity
  • Infravision compatible to clearly identify critical anatomy

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