Steris Surgical Tables

Steris Surgical Tables

Which Steris Surgical Table is Right for My Facility?

Soma Technology stocks a wide range of the top manufacturer’s surgical tables. There are many surgical table options that your medical facility may want. We have compiled a list in this blog post to help you narrow down your search. Continue reading to learn more about the different types of surgical tables and which one our sales team can help you choose!

How do Surgical Tables Help?

Surgical tables are more than necessities during surgery. When a person is under anesthesia, the tables keep them safe from moving. The thick powered based allows the patient to be operated on in a steady environment. These bases also can operate in different directions to allow the surgeon a higher precision rate. It is also helpful that the tables can be adjusted based on what procedures are being performed. The table can be positioned so that the surgeon is either sitting or standing. Below are some of the topmost requested surgical tables that we see from the Steris brand.

Steris Amsco 3085

Steris Amsco 3085 - Which Surgical Table is Right For My Facility?

The Steris Amsco 3085 is an electrohydraulically operated mobile surgical table. With the addition of certain accessories, this surgical table can support surgical procedures including urology, neurology, and orthopedics. The Steris 3085 tables are available in either electric or battery-powered configurations. This table as the ability to support 1,000-pound patients in normal patient orientation.

The Amsco 3085 features microprocessor-controlled hydraulics that provides tabletop articulation. For an additional backup, there is an auxiliary override control and hydraulic system. This system provides the force for all powered articulations on the table. a 24-VDC electric motor drives a 0.25 GPM nominal, 1740 psi nominal capacity pump. Solenoid valves direct fluid to hydraulic cylinders. For additional patient safety, the 3085 surgical table features a locking side-tilt cylinder design to prevent unanticipated lateral movement. It incorporates a mechanical lock to back up this hydraulic system, eliminating lateral movement until the hydraulic pressure is at the desired level.

The Steris Amsco 3085 has the following movements:

  • Trendelenburg – 25° maximum from horizontal.
  • Reverse Trendelenburg – 25° maximum from horizontal.
  • Height – 27″ (686 mm) minimum to 44″ (1118 mm) maximum.
  • Side Tilt – 18° maximum to right or to left of horizontal.
  • Back – up 55° maximum (80° in REVERSE orientation) or down 25° maximum (105° in REVERSE orientation) from horizontal.
  • Leg – up 80° maximum (55° in REVERSE orientation) or down 105° maximum (25° in REVERSE orientation) from seat section.
  • Flex – back section down 20° maximum with seat section down 25° maximum from horizontal.
  • Reflex – back section up 25° maximum with seat section up 35° maximum from horizontal.

Steris 4085

Steris Amsco CMAX 4085 - Which Surgical Table is Right For My Facility?

The Steris CMAX 4085 is an electrohydraulically operated mobile surgical table. This surgical table is designed to support most general surgical procedures that include; cardiac and vascular, endoscopic, gynecology, urology, nephrectomy, neurology, ophthalmologic and orthopedics with a multitude of different compatible accessories. This table features powered lateral tilt, Trendelenburg/reverse Trendelenburg, and zip-slide movable tabletop adjustable height functions. It’s designed to support patients of all sizes. This table has full tabletop function and patient positioning with a load of up to 600 lbs. With a load of 1000 lbs. the table can do all patient positioning except tabletop slide. With a load of 1100 lbs.  the table cannot to any patient positioning or tabletop slide.

The Steris 4085 general surgical table featured an electrically controlled system where hydraulic actuators perform all powered table motions, except zip-slide moveable tabletop which is powered by an electric motor. The control system is a master computer located in the table column and it selects which outputs are to be actuated based on the inputs from an auxiliary CPU in the pendant and control and/or optional foot control.


  • Provides great access for C-arms for high-quality images.
  • Compensates for uneven OR floors with self-leveling floor locks.
  • Easy-to-use and easy to read hand controls.
  • 18″ radiolucent sliding top for total body imaging
  • Compatible with a wide variety of previously purchased accessories.

The Steris Amsco 4085 has the following movements:

  • Flex/Reflex – 140°/100°
  • Slide Motion – HEAD: 9″ (227 mm) FOOT: 9″ (227 mm)
  • Height Range – 26 to 45″ (660 to 1143 mm)
  • Trendelenburg Range – 30°±1°
  • Reverse Trendelenburg Range – 30°±1°
  • Tilt Range – 20°±1°
  • Back Section Motion – UP: 80°±1° DOWN: 40°±1°
  • Leg Section Motion – UP: 0° DOWN: 105°±1°
  • Kidney Elevator Mechanism – 4″ (110 mm)

Steris 5085

Steris 5085 - General Surgical Table

The Steris 5085 general surgical table is an electrohydraulically operated mobile table that is designed to support virtually all general and bariatric surgical procedures including cardiac and vascular, endoscopic, gynecology, urology, nephrectomy, neurology, ophthalmologic and orthopedics with additional Steris tabletop accessories. It’s specifically designed to provide optimal patient positioning flexibility that is required in modern surgical care facilities. This table can support up to a 1200 pound load with the ability to raise/lower but not tabletop articulation or slide. Up to a 1000 pound load the table can perform all patient posturing but without tabletop slide. Up to a 600-pound load with the ability to perform all patient posturing and full tabletop slide.

The 5085 features a tethered hand control that hangs from the standard side rails. The Hand control provides user inputs to the master computer which is located in the base of the table. The master computer selects which outputs are to be actuated based on what buttons were pressed on the hand control. The Steris 5085 features a backup hand control located in the table base and an optional ACT enabled interface to Operating Room Control Systems (ORCS) enables all table functions.

The Steris 5085 has the following movements:

  • Flex/Reflex –  140°/100°±1°
  • Slide Motion –  HEAD: 9″ (227 mm) FOOT: 9″ (227 mm) from center
  • Height Range –  22.8 to 42.5″ (581 to 1080 mm)
  • Trendelenburg Range –  30°±1°
  • Reverse Trendelenburg Range –  30°±1°
  • Tilt Range –  20°±1°
  • Back Section Motion –  UP: 80°±1° DOWN: 40°±1°
  • Leg Section Motion –  UP: 0° DOWN: 105°±1°
  • Kidney Elevator Mechanism –  4″ (110 mm)
  • Head Section (Manual) –  90°±1°, 15° increments

Purchasing a Surgical Table

If your capital budget allows for the purchasing of a surgical table, we can accommodate that as well. To find your sales representative you can click here. In addition to surgical tables, Soma sells a wide variety of medical equipment including C-arms, anesthesia machines, ventilators, multi-parameter patient monitors and many more products. Soma equipment has an average of about 40% on savings, which can actually allow your facility to maximize their budget, and even purchase other necessary equipment at a lower cost than purchasing new. Almost all of our products come with a one year labor and parts warranty. In the very unlikely case that a unit fails, or needs replacement parts, we are able to provide those services at no cost.

Renting a Surgical Table

If any of the above Steris surgical tables appeal to your facility, we have surgical table rentals, rent-to-own and purchasing options. To decide which of these is your best choice, you can talk to one of our experienced sales representatives. There are many reasons why a facility chooses to rent. If your budget does not allow the outright purchasing of equipment, renting is a great way to have the equipment without the costs of ownership, maintenance or replacing parts. You can ensure that the equipment is available immediately for patient needs and scheduled surgeries. There is no downtime due to repairs or preventative maintenance, and freedom from technical obsolescence.

The Refurbishment Process

Our facility in Bloomfield, CT is ISO 13485:2016 certified for reconditioning refurbished medical devices. Our refurbishment process is very meticulous and time-consuming; making certain that all parts of the process are carefully monitored. First, our procurement departments acquire no longer used medical equipment from hospitals, surgery centers, clinics, and physician offices. This medical equipment is analyzed by our experienced team of biomedical engineers. Parts are replaced, and the units are calibrated. Strict OEM specifications are followed.  After biomedical testing, these units go to our cosmetics department. Cosmetics superficially reconditions the units through sanding, painting, and replacement of decals to make sure that these units look just as they did the day they left their original equipment manufacturer. Units are tested one more time to make certain that all parts of our refurbishment checklist have been performed. Finally, these units make their way to our shipping department, where these units are carefully wrapped, packaged, and crated to be sent for immediate use at your facility. Most of our products come with 1-year parts and labor warranty.

Surgical Table Spare Parts

For every piece of equipment that Soma sells or rents, we have an active Parts Department that stocks parts for that equipment. We have a myriad amount of surgical table spare parts including caster replacements, hand controllers, lock limit switches, floor locks, relay boxes and more. You can request a quote for parts on our Medical Parts Website,

Final Thoughts

Have you ever rented or purchased a surgical table or another piece of refurbished medical equipment from Soma? Are you familiar with the Steris brand? Would you say that you trust Steris as a brand, or is there another company that you use mostly for your medical equipment acquisitions? Is there a type of special surgery table that you find most helpful for your discipline? Is there a bed that your company always uses? Comment below!

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