Zimmer ATS 3000 Tourniquet

February 15, 2018
Zimmer ATS 3000 - Automatic Tourniquet System - Soma Technology, Inc.

Zimmer ATS 3000 - Automatic Tourniquet System - Soma Technology, Inc.

Zimmer ATS 3000 Tourniquet System

Zimmer is a well-respected brand in the medical equipment market. Soma Technology only carries the best brands. Tourniquets are used to cut off a blood supply. The blood supply is cut off with compression of pressure. It is used in first aid as either a bandage or cord, but can be done electrically through a tourniquet system. The Zimmer ATS 3000 is an excellent automatic Tourniquet system.

ATS 3000

The tourniquet allows for the control of pressure. The Zimmer ATS 3000 uses ambient air instead of a nitrogen tank with wall hookups. A microprocessor inside the system controls the accuracy and speed of the device. This microprocessor can react quickly to input changes or self-monitored conditions. These are favored by orthopedic surgeons.


There are multiple technological features. Features include innovative limb occlusion pressure, ambient air usage, electronic and microprocessor regulated pressure. The system is able to automatically check the machine through self-check calibration. During standby, the machine will use Cuff Alert as an alert to the user to the status of the cuff.  Cuff lockout features the user to confirm deflation during bilateral or IVRA procedures.


The battery can operate for 240 minutes when fully charged. The recharge time of the battery is 24 hours. There is a power cord and plug included with line protection. The timer can be set for 5-240 minutes. Internal Diagnostics include program, memory, watchdog timer, transducer calibration, and improper valve actuation.

Final Thoughts

Have you used the Zimmer tourniquet? What features of it do you like? Which would you change?

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