Herpes Zoster Is Commonly Known As What?

April 25, 2018
Herpes Zoster Is Commonly Know As What?

Herpes Zoster Is Commonly Know As What?

Herpes Zoster Is Commonly Known As What?

Herpes Zoster is commonly known as what? Do you know the answer? We will give a few helpful hints. A variation of this disease can also cause chickenpox. It also shares the same name as the pieces of a roof? Do you have an idea what the answer is? Keep reading to see if you are correct!

The Answer

Did you know that the answer is shingles! The Varicella-Zoster virus causes shingles. Shingles is a smear-like rash of blisters usually located on the torso. According to the Mayo Clinic, the symptoms of shingles include, “pain, burning, numbness, sensitivity to touch, a red rash that begins after the pain, fluid filled blisters, and itching.” Some other symptoms people may get include, “fever, headache, sensitivity to light, and fatigue.” If you think you may have shingles, please consult your primary care physician or a dermatologist.

Shingles is not a serious disease, and neither is chicken pox. The worst part about the disease is the cosmetic look, and the discomfort. This virus can be more serious in people with compromised immune systems. This includes people undergoing cancer treatments, and people with HIV/AIDS.

Someone with shingles can pass it on to someone who has not had shingles or the chickenpox. Once you have chickenpox, you cannot get it again.

There is a shingles vaccine, Shingrix, which can be used in people who are over 50. The CDC recommends anyone 60 and older should absolutely be vaccinated. People who are older tend to not do as well fighting viruses and diseases than people who are younger.

Final Thoughts

Did you know the answer was shingles? Have you ever had shingles? Have you ever had chicken pox? Do you have a funny photo of you as a baby with chicken pox? Comment below! Check out our other Wednesday Wisdom topics here, and comment if you have any you’d like us to write articles on!

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