Wednesday Wisdom: Rogaine Was Originally Used For High Blood Pressure

December 12, 2018


Wednesday Wisdom: Rogaine Was Originally Used For High Blood Pressure

Did you know that Rogaine was originally used to treat high blood pressure? Before any drug is released to sell into pharmacies it needs to be clinically tested, and approved for sale by the Food and Drug Administration. During testing, the side effects of Rogaine was hair growth. This lead to the creators developing a topical solution for people to apply on their skin. Click to continue reading more about Rogaine and high blood pressure!

What is High Blood Pressure?

High blood pressure is an incredibly common condition among adults, and those who have diabetes, many stressors in their life, or overweight. Hypertension is described as having a large amount of blood needing to go through small veins and arteries, with your heart working very hard to pump blood. Symptoms of hypertension include shortness of breath, nose bleeds, and even headaches. Unfortunately this is an indicator of heart disease.

Why Do People Use Rogaine?

Because the main side effect of Rogaine was hair growth, the only people who use Rogaine are people who have pattern baldness. These people tend to be men. Generally, women may have thinning hair, and some bald spots, but they usually do not go completely bald like a large portion of men do. Have you ever wondered why bald men have reflective skin? This is due to the oils on the skin from where the hair follicles should we. A better question for Wednesday Wisdom may be; do bald men wash their scalps?

Final Thoughts

Do you or someone you know use Rogaine? Have they had positive results, or have they had to resort to trying hair plugs, or wearing a toupee? Do you like reading about our series on medical trivia? Do you have any medical trivia that you would like us to write about? Comment below! Check out last week’s article on Some Tumors Have Hair and Teeth.

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