Wednesday Wisdom: Your Body Has Enough of this to Produce Over 7 Bars of Soap?

July 25, 2018
Wednesday Wisdom Soap

Wednesday Wisdom Soap

Wednesday Wisdom: Your Body Has Enough of this to Produce Over 7 Bars of Soap?

Question: Your body has enough of this to produce over 7 bars of soap? Do you know what that answer is? Do you also know why this main ingredient in soap is enough to help wash away dirt and grime on the skin? Keep scrolling to see if you were right!

The Answer

The answer is surprisingly, fat. The average adult body can make over 7 bars of soap with the fat that is stored in our cells. Did you also know that soap is made from fats and oils? Soap used to be made of animal fats. Our skin is semi-permeable, just large enough to let moisture in and out on the outer dermal layer of our skin. The fats in the soap mix with water from our skin to remove dirt and other germs. As we know, the more often you wash your hands, the less likely you are to become sick.

Hygiene and Other Reasons to Clean Yourself

People practice or should practice hygiene on multiple upon multiple practices, daily basis. During the day we touch so many different things that contain germs. We open doors to places that a myriad amount of people pass through, we shake hands, we hug, we walk by sneezing coworkers, use the same refrigerator, sinks, and toilets. However, the biggest culprit of germs is actually your cell phone. We wash our hands with soap and water to eliminate any chance of becoming sick from these germs. We also use soap after our body does its normal functions as in sweating, using the bathroom, being in contact with people, and washing off daily perfumes and deodorants.

Non-Allergenic Soap

Some people have very sensitive skin and can not use scented soaps. Others have a more serious allergy to some common soap ingredients. An allergy can look like itching skin, dry skin, red bumps, redness, and hives. If you think you are allergic to a soap, discontinue using it. Try looking for a hypo-allergenic soap. Dove and Tom’s make great choices for people with very sensitive skin.

Final Thoughts

Did you know that soap is made of fats? Did you know we have enough in our bodies to make over 7 bars of soap? Do you have a favorite soap? Do you have a favorite non-allergenic soap? Did you know that vegan soap is available; it is made from palm and olive oils. Comment below!

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