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Ziehm Quantum Features

The Ziehm Quantum is at the forefront of innovative, mobile, surgical C-Arm design. Eliminating the need for a monitor cart in the surgical room, the Ziehm Quantum is truly the world’s first full-featured, self-contained mobile surgical C-Arm. It’s small footprint and lightweight design coupled with the advanced features of a state-of-the-art 16-bit image system make the Ziehm Quantum the most compact and versatile mobile C-Arm available today.

Benefit from Superior Imaging Technology

Image quality is clearly the most important feature of any mobile C-Arm. The Ziehm Quantum™ features a 1K2 x 12-bit Highline video/image display, digital image rotation, large storage capacity, and integrated 18.1” high-resolution TFT monitors which are capable of displaying 768 shades of gray. The Ziehm Quantum™ provides superior resolution and detailed visualization in all applications.

Choose Your Anatomical Program

The Anatomical Programs found in every Ziehm Quantum™ C-Arm optimize image quality for each body region using the lowest possible dose. Choose between the ‘Bone/Extremities’ ‘Pelvic/Spine’, and ‘Heart/Thorax’ Anatomical Programs to ensure superb image quality in each type of procedure. In addition, unique ‘Metal’ and ‘LPD’ (Large Patient Diameter Key) image programs further enhance image quality in otherwise difficult imaging conditions.

Considerate Use of Radiation

Wherever you look on the Ziehm Quantum™, you will find features that can significantly reduce the radiation dose delivered to the patient, the physician, and personnel within the operating room.?Ziehm Imaging™ has been the industry’s low-dose leader ever since Ziehm pioneered the integration of high-frequency generators into mobile fluoroscopic C-arms

Ziehm Quantum™ –Integration with Image Guided Surgery (CAS)

In CAS, the X-ray image becomes a roadmap of the patient’s anatomy that is correlated to the real-time position of the surgical instrument. The surgeon follows the instrument’s movements without requiring continuous X-ray imaging of the patient. This technology has its biggest impact on brain and spinal surgery as well as orthopedics. Proven compatibility with CAS systems is essential for success. CAS and mobile C-Arm systems can be chosen independently in order to best benefit individual requirements. The Ziehm Quantum has been integrated with leading fluoroscopic CAS systems, such as Medtronic, Brainlab, and Z-Kat.

Digital Network Integration

The Ziehm Quantum is equipped with DICOM 3.0 connectivity by providing Work List, Print, and Storage Class image send capabilities to your hospital network.

Image Storage and Hardcopy

Once acquired, images can be stored on different media such as Hard Disk, USB memory, and optional DVD, providing the medical team with a convenient and portable record of patient data gathered from an imaging procedure.

Ziehm Quantum Specifications


  • Orbital rotation: 135° a
  • Angulation: ± 225°
  • Swiveling (panning): ±10°
  • Horizontal movement: 220 mm
  • Vertical movement: 430 mm


  • Source–image receptor distance: 970 mm
  • Source-image receptor Opt 31: 1007mm
  • Vertical free space: 750 mm
  • Vertical free space: 787.4mm
  • Immersion depth: 680 mm

Image Intensifier

  • Nominal sizes: 23 / 17 / opt (10) cm

Max. Operating Data

  • Fluoroscopy Generator: 110 kV / 6 mA – 80 kV / 6 mA
  • Direct Radiography: 110 kV / 8 mA – 80 kV/8 mA
  • Radiography: 110 kV / 18 mA, 110 kV / 20 mA – 80 kV / 18mA, 80 kV / 20 mA

Max Power Output

  • Fluoroscopy: 660W (110 kv / 6mA)
  • Direct Radiography: 880 W (110 kV / 8 mA)
  •  Direct Radiography: 1980W (110 kV / 18 mA), 2200W (110kV / 20mA)

Nominal Electric Power

  • 2000W at 100kV / 20 mA / 0.1s

X-Ray Tube

  • Dual-focus stationary-anode tube

Focal Point Nominal Size

  • Nagel:
    • Small – 0.6 acc. to IEC
    • Large 1.5 acc to IEC
  • Toshiba
    • Small – 0.5 acc. to IEC
    • Large – 1.5 acc to IEC

Power Specifications

  • Power: 120 Vac 60 Hz  Option:230 Vac 60 Hz
  • Direct Radiography: 40 – 110 kV
  • Tube Current: 2 mA min/ 20mA max
  • mAs Range: .4 mAs min./100mAs max
  • Fluoroscopy: 40-110kV –  0.1-6mA
  • Pulsed mode: Pluse Max 3F/s
  • Digital Radiography: 40-110 kV
  • Operating Frequency: 20 kHz


  • During Storage Conditions
    • Temperature: -10°C to +60°C
    • Relative air humidity: 10% – 95% non Condensing max.
  • During Operation Environmental
    • Temperature: +10°C to +35°C
    • Relative air humidity: 35%-75% in Condensing max.

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