Philips M1012A Cardiac Output Module

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Philips M1012A Cardiac Output Module Features

The Phillips M1012A Cardiac Output Module Provides measurements of Cardiac Output (CO) and Continuous Cardiac Output (CCO). There are two choices for measurement methods, the PiCCOTM 1 method, for measuring CO, COO, and other hemodynamic parameters, and the Right Heart Thermodilution method for measuring CO. Both of these methods are suitable for Adults, pediatrics, and neonatal patients in a critical care environment. The Module can be connected through plug-and-play connection to any monitor in these families; V24 (M1205A), CMS (M1165A / 66A / 75A and M1175A / 76A / 77A and IntelliVue (M8005A, M8007A, M8010A). The Module sends a thermodilution curve, cardiac output numerics, and cardiac index values to the patient monitor display. Cardiac Output (COO) Features

    • COO can be measured using the Transpulmonary Thermodilution or PiCCO Method. COO Measurement technology using the PiCCO method was developed by Philips in cooperation with Pulsion Medical Systems.

Values for Intrathoracic Blood Volume (ITBV) and Extravascular Lung Water (EVLW) can be derived from the Transpulmonary Thermodilution CO measurement ( not USA).

  • COO alarms can be generated from Pulse Contour Analysis when the arterial catheter used for the Transpulmonary Thermodilution is connected to the module.
  • Continuous Systemic Vascular Resistance values can be derived from the COO>


Cardiac output (CO) Features

  • Absolute and indexed hemodynamic values are shown.
  • Alarm generation from blood temperature measurement.
  • Patient isolation by internal optical coupling.
  • Hard keys on the module for direct access to the most commonly performed functions.
  • Light indicators identify the module in use during monitoring task.
  • Color-coded patient cable connectors for quick and easy identification</li.
  • Compact size due to surface mount technology.

Cardiac Output Module Include

  • Up to six cardiac output curves and values are simultaneously displayed
  • Seven curve alerts
  • Cardiac output curves, easy to select or reject<?li>
  • Injectate temperature
  • Computation constant
  • Average of selected curves made with further selectors or rejectors

Patient Monitor Cardiac Output Module Specifications


  • Height: 3.9 in ( 99.6 mm)
  • Width: 1.4 in (36 mm)
  • Depth: 3.8 in ( 97.5 mm)
  • Weight: 225 g (7.9 oz.)

Temperature Range

  • Operating: 0 to 55ºC (32 to 131ºF)
  • Storage: -40 to 70ºC (- 40 to 158ºF)

Altitude Range

  • Operating: Up to 4,600m (15,000ft)
  • Storage: Up to 15,300m (50,000ft)


  • If you use the module in a monitor that does not include the PiCCO functionality (for example a CMS monitor release earlier than C.0, or a V24/ V26 monitor), only the right heart method can be used.

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