Skytron Stellar XL Surgical Light

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Skytron Stellar XL Features

Skytron’s Stellar XL series Light Emitting Diode (LED) surgical lights are capable of focusing a
4-3/16” (107mm) illumination spot within a 27” [686mm] column of light. Light output is 160,000 lux
with a color temperature of 3696K, offering excellent color correction (95) and optimum shadow
control at the surgical site. Housed within a lightweight polymer frame, Stellar XL delivers an ideal
balance of weight, maneuverability, and illuminating performance.

A standard light head is 610mm (24”) with five focusable LED pods. Each pod contains seven
individual LEDs with Vertical Segmented Reflector Design (VSRD) technology. Output is 160,000 lux
per light at a color temperature of 3696K. Each light head is equipped with a sterilizable center handle
for sterile positioning and focus. The side of the light includes a focus knob and positioning handles for
non-sterile control.

  • The center sterile handle adjusts focus and positioning, allowing the surgeon to set and forget the light head at a specific height
  • 27” range of total focusable depth extends the working distance without moving the lighthead
  • Vertically segmented reflector design provides optimal shadow control and a crisp homogeneous spot
  • Suspended LED System (SLS) cradles upward-facing LEDs for thermal control and a comfortable working environment
  • Maximum intensity up to 160,000 lux
  • Natural warm color temperature provides white light for high-intensity applications
  • 24” diameter light head
  • 360° rotation on all axes
  • Lightweight polymer housing permits easy maneuverability and exceptional durability
  • Easy to clean, flat wall control

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