Stryker Visum II LED

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Stryker Visum II LED Features

Using long-lasting LEDs and a proprietary reflector design, the Visum LED II offers world-class lighting for the OR. With maximum brightness and exceptional shadow resolution as the keys to success in surgical lighting, the Visum LED II provides a large column of light and superior
illumination. This is achieved while providing pure white light that will remain cool under the most demanding conditions.

  • 41” Column of Light: Large spot size and depth of field provide a large column of light, decreasing the need to adjust the light
    during a procedure.
  • Superior Shadow Resolution: Stryker’s proprietary reflector technology effectively reduces shadows to keep the surgical site clearly
    illuminated while maintaining a large depth of field.
  • Single Color LEDs: Provides up to 160,000 lux of pure white light.
  • Low Heat Output: LEDs do not emit UV or Infrared light waves, helping to keep the OR staff cool even during long cases,
    and creating a more comfortable work environment.
  • Long-Lasting LEDs: LEDs are designed for 50,000+ hours of use, decreasing operating costs and downtime while increasing
    your return on investment.
  • Compact, Light-Weight Suspension: Allows for easy repositioning during surgical procedures; Bulb Life: 20000 hr; Color Temperature: 4400 K

Stryker Visum II LED Specifications


  • FDA Clearance: Yes
  • UL Approvals: Yes
  • Number of Lightheads: Up to two per suspension
  • Number of LEDs: 90 LEDs
  • LED Lifetime* L70: 50,000 hours
  • Color Temperature: 4400 K (+/- 200)
  • Color Rendering Index: = 90
  • CRI R9: 85+-10%
  • Field Size Diameter: 8.5in -12.9in (21.6cm – 32.8cm)
  • Depth of Field: 41in (104.2 cm)
  • Illumination Level: 160,000 Lux
  • The ratio of Irradiation to Illuminance: 3.3 mW/m2 x lux
  • Controls: Wall control, voice capable, touch panel capable
  • Rotation: 360 degrees
  • Vertical Adjustment Range: + 22in (55.9cm), -25in (63.6cm)
  • Reflector Material: The reflector surface is aluminum
  • Task Lights: Yes (Perilite)
  • Sterilizable Handle: Yes
  • Lighthead Diameter: 26.7in (67.7cm)
  • Mounting Type: Ceiling
  • Supply Voltage: 100-230V 50/60Hz
  • Power (without camera): < 110 Watts
  • Bulb Type: LED
  • Other Options: Camera options available

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