Steris HarmonyAIR M-Series

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Steris HarmonyAIR M-Series Features

The HarmonyAIR M-Series Surgical Lighting System provides exceptional surgical site illumination, while
its HD-capable suspension is modular and upgradeable, adapting to your needs as they change.

The M-Series delivers up to 160,000 lux of pure, white light over a broad, adjustable spot, making the spot
visibly brighter. This more uniform beam with crisp, defined edges, means less adjusting the light to get
proper illumination of the surgical site.

  • Fat beam illumination – more uniform light distribution across the spot
  • Pure white light – 4400K +/- 300K color temperature
  • Energy efficient – consumes 1/3 the heat of previous LED technology (M-5 model only)
  • 84 overlapping beams of light virtually eliminate shadows from the surgeon’s head and hands (M-5 model only)
  • Better tissue discrimination with a CRI of up to 96
  • Better discrimination of deep, saturated reds with an R9 value of up to 98
  • An open architecture design accommodates any HD signal, regardless of the manufacturer or signal type
  • Grows with you – add light heads, ambient light, monitors, radiation shield, and in light camera
  • Add Harmony® ConnectPoint™ Video Connectivity System for video integration without costly or involved renovations
  • Convert general rooms to specialty suites quickly and easily
  • Flat panel, easy position monitor yokes hold up to 32” monitors
  • Suspension systems are American-made and feature STERIS-exclusive design

Steris HarmonyAIR M-Series Specifications


  • Max Central Illuminace M-5 Lighthead: 160,000 lux; M-7 lighthead: 160,000 lux
  • Average pattern sizes M-5 Lighthead: 7 – 11” (18-28cm); M-7 lightheaded: 8.5”-12” (22-30cm)
  • Color temperature M-5 Lighthead: 4400+/- 300K; M-7 lighthead: 4400+/- 300K
  • CRI (Color Rendering Index) M-5 Lighthead: up to 96; M-7 lighthead: up to 96
  • R9 (deep saturated red color index) M-5 Lighthead: up to 98; M-7 lighthead: up to 98
  • Power Consumption M-5 Lighthead: 40 watts; M-7 lighthead: 200 watts
  • Heat-to-light ratio (mW/m2 -1x) M-5 Lighthead: 3.1; M-7 lighthead: 3.4
  • Life M-5 Lighthead: 60,000 hrs; M-7 lighthead:30,000 hrs

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