Flash Back Friday: Fourth of July BBQ

July 6, 2018
Mario Garcia Grill Master at Soma Tech Intl

Flash Back Friday: Fourth of July BBQ

This past Tuesday, we celebrated with our annual Fourth of July BBQ. At Soma Tech Intl, we love to have events for our employees to show how much their hard work is appreciated.

The Food Situation

We have a diverse pool of employees at Soma Tech, something we are very proud of. Due to different religions and cultures, we always provide a variety of food that everyone can enjoy. We believe in taking care of our employees. Our classic bbq food items including hamburgers, hot dogs, potato salad, chips, watermelon, and other fruit. To accompany others we also had veggie burgers, a platter of vegetables. There was a lot of water going around since that day it was over 100 degrees!


Volleyball is a Soma tradition. Each summer we have employees sign up for and they get distributed on to different teams. All summer long, is the volleyball championship. Winners receive bragging rights for the rest of the year, and usually a gift card.

Final Thoughts

Does your company that you work for do any fun events? Are there some events that you have attended in the past that you thought were incredibly fun? What is your favorite BBQ foods? What are your plans this summer? Check out our top summer check list. Have you checked any of them off? Have a great weekend, and hopefully you can catch some sun! Check out the photos from our BBQ below.

Mario Garcia Grill Master at Soma Tech Intl

Mario is the Grill-master

Soma Tech Intl Employees Enjoying July 4 BBQ

Enjoying the BBQ 

 Employees at Soma Tech IntlPlaying Volleyball

Snapshot of Volleyball


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