Flashback Friday: Pi Day and Numerous Pies

March 15, 2019
Pie Day

Flashback Friday: Pi Day and Numerous Pies

March 14th, is known as Pi Day from the written dates as 3.14, the same three numbers of pi, 3.141596….. Pi is the ratio of the diameter to the radius of a circle. Because this number cannot be fully calculated, it remains a math mystery. This has become a special day for mathematicians, scientists, and pie fans alike! Keep reading for more about Pi Day and how we chose to celebrate this monumental occasion!

Fun Facts about Pi

  •  This is the day that Albert Einstein was born, March 14th, 1897
  • This is the day Stephen Hawking died in 2018
  • Pi is a rational number, however, it has never been solved
  • There is a website where you can find where your birthday is in a sequence of numbers in the number pi
  • Pi was discovered by the Babylonians

Historical Events on Pi Day

  • The Massachusetts Bay had its charter granted
  • Eli Whitney got his cotton gin patented
  • The US went on the gold standard
  • Henry Ford announced his assembly line

The Best Pies

At Soma, we decided to have a pie off, and a competition of who could make the best pie. We had many different types of pies from traditional dessert pies to savory pies, and ones that have significant value to some of our diverse employees. We had a traditional Canadian meat pie, an Irish shepherd’s pie, and even a Syrian apricot pie. The shepherd’s pie and the apricot pie took how first place for pies! Take a look at the pies that our employees made, and let us know in the comments which was your favorite pie. Did you have pie yesterday? Comment below on how you or your company celebrated Pi Day!

Alyssa – Banana Cream Pie

Bruce – Canadian Meat Pie

Justin – Chocolate Mousse Pie

Kristina – Lemon Blueberry Pie

Ralph  – Lemon Lush

Mario – Pancake Pie

Adam – Shepherd’s Pie

Patrick – Spaghetti Pie

Majed – Apricot Pie

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