GE Panda Warmer vs GE Giraffe Warmer – Comparing Infant Warmers

July 11, 2023
GE Giraffe Verses GE Panda iRes Infant Warmer - Soma Tech Intl

GE Panda Warmer vs GE Giraffe Warmer

Comparing Infant Warmers

The GE Panda warmer and Giraffe warmer are both infant warmers that use a radiant heating source to maintain a thermal balance of an infant. This is done through direct radiation of energy in the infrared region. Radiant heat from the heat source is focused on the bed to warm the patient. Both the Panda and the Giraffe can be used in two different control methods. The first is manual mode. The clinician manually selects the heater power to the desired temperature. While in manual mode, the clinician can set the heater output level from 0% to 100% in 5% increments. The second method is baby mode. Baby mode controls the heater output level using a skin probe. The probe detects the temperature and changed the heater output level automatically to maintain a certain body temperature. Do you know the difference between the Panda iRes Warmers and the Giraffe Warmers? Continue reading to find out!

About Infant Warmers

Unlike incubators that not only provide a temperature-controlled environment but also a more humid and sterile environment, infant warmers only provide temperature regulation to support the infants’ thermal needs. Infant warmers typically have a bed with open sides and tops that allow unobstructed observation and access to the infants. Most infant warmers use infrared light to warm the infant. The energy emitted from the infrared light has a wavelength greater than 3 microns. This prevents damage to the infant’s eyes. A major benefit of the IR region is that the energy emitted from this light source has a unique ability to heat the skin without warming the intervening air. The warm skin causes an increase in blood flow, which heats underlying blood and tissue surfaces.

GE Infant Warmers

Both the Panda iRes and the Giraffe warmers are each offered in a bedded model. The Panda is offered in two non-bedded models, the Panda Freestanding – and the Panda Wall Mount. If you already have one in your facility and are unsure of which model you have, the model type is indicated on the label on the device’s splash screen on startup. All Giraffe and Panda warmers feature the same heater head that houses the radiant heater. Due to the small size of the heater reflector and its compound elliptical shape, the heater head is very compact compared to other warmers currently on the market. Since the heater is compact, it limits the area the heater head occupies over the bed surface. By leaving this area clean, the caregiver can observe and treat the patient unobstructed. Thus allowing the head of an X-ray machine to be placed over the patient without moving the heater head or patient.

Additionally, all the GE Panda and Giraffe units feature optional integrated SpO2 and Resuscitation Modules. The SpO2 option allows the caregiver to monitor the patient’s blood oxygen level, while the optional Resuscitation Module allows the caregiver to administer forced breathing if required. The Resuscitation Module may feature either a traditional bag and mask technology or a T-piece of technology.

One great feature about the Panda and Giraffe infant warmers that clinicians love is the Hands-Free Alarm silence feature. Alarms can be silenced just as they would with the alarm silence button, but without actually touching the unit. The proximity sensor for the hands-free alarm silence is located in the alarm light panel, and you can silence an alarm by gently waving your hand 2 to 6-inches in front of the sensor. Both the Giraffe and the Panda have the conventional alarm silence button.

The Difference

What’s the real difference between the Panda Warmer and the Giraffe Warmer?

The Giraffe Warmer is intended for use in a neonatal intensive care unit (NICU). It features a mattress that can be rotated as needed by the operator to gain better access to the patient. It also includes a general observation light and procedure light.

The Panda Warmer is intended for use in a labor and delivery unit. The Panda also includes the same general observation light, like the Giraffe model, but the procedure light is optional.

Refurbished Panda Warmers

Soma Tech Intl offers Refurbished Panda Warmers and Refurbished Giraffe Warmers up to 50% below the cost of new equipment. Soma also provides a 1-year parts and labor warranty on medical equipment that is sold. The Panda and Giraffe units are reconditioned back to OEM specifications in their ISO 13485:2016 certified facility, by highly trained and certified biomedical engineers. Soma has a dedicated team of engineers that specialize in specific products that ensure the best quality in the market. The medical equipment Soma purchases is typically from hospitals and other medical facilities that are looking to upgrade their current equipment. This means that the equipment is typically coming from a currently working environment. Soma prides themselves on procuring the highest quality medical equipment for their customers. Once the Panda and Giraffe units come to the facility they undergo a series of checks and tests. Each unit is different and might need replacement parts or accessories. Once the engineers test and create a reconditioning plan, they start working on the equipment, making it work like new. After the unit is brought back to OEM specifications and is working like the way it did when it originally left the manufacturer, it’s time for the special cosmetic reconditioning process. The unit is cleaned, and if necessary, sanded, repainted, and new decals are applied to ensure the infant warmer not only works like new, but also looks new too. Before the warmer is labeled patient ready, it undergoes more tests and QCs that ensure it’s patient ready. If it passes, then the unit is packaged up and ready for shipment to the customer.

Final Thoughts

Did you know the difference between the Giraffe Warmer and the Panda Warmer? Did you know that the rotating feature on the Giraffe Warmer is called a “Baby Susan”! What a great name! Are you interested in purchasing either of these infant warmers? What about the GE Giraffe incubator? Feel free to reach out to any of Soma’s domestic sales representatives they will be more than happy to assist you! Are you outside the United States? No Problem! Soma Tech Intl ships internationally. View our international sales representatives on our website!


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