Love Your Pet Day: How Pets Play a Role in Our Lives

February 20, 2018
Love You Pet Day

Love You Pet Day

Love Your Pet Day: How Pets Play a Role in Our Lives

Today is Love Your Pet Day. There is no doubt in anyone who owns a pet that they bring happiness and entertainment. They are loyal companions who give unconditional love. We know that human need companionship of other humans to live. But, have you ever wondered what the science is behind why people continue to keep pets?

Release Stress/ Bring Happiness

There are several reasons that pets make us happier. They force us to be more active, taking them on walks, playing with them. We develop a unique bond with them. We tend to remember that they also have the need to be cared for; including feeding, walking, using the bathroom, and giving attention.

We are able to become socialized with animals. There is a mutual relationship between wanting to be with the other. Whether that camaraderie comes from being in the same room or sharing a seat. Humans need to be touched. When we pet our animals, it releases feel-good chemicals in the brain. These chemicals that simulate love, are more likely to fight depression and increase our moods.

Our pets know when we are sad, or sick. Their keen sense of smell can detect chemical changes in our bodies. Have you ever noticed that when you are sick, your pet doesn’t leave your side? This is because they have an extra sense of perception that humans do not.

Service Dogs

While not technically acknowledged as a pet, these animals help to serve humans. The dog is assigned to a disabled or impaired person. Those who keep service dogs include those who are veterans, deaf, blind, those who are psychologically afflicted, and more. These dogs help people to cope with their daily lives.

Therapy Cats and Dogs

Pets are better than human at determining the human state of emotion. Therapy cats and dogs are used in a variety of ways. Centers for psychological health are currently conducting research on how the presence of animals reduces stress, anxieties, and mental disorders.

After tragic events, dogs and cats are brought in to help survivors cope, and tell their story in therapy. Courts are using therapy animals to help victims testify. Schools and universities are allowing students time with their therapy animals to de-stress during exam weeks and during their regular school year.

Final Thoughts

Do you have a pet to celebrate Love Your Pet Day? Do you feel any difference between how you feel with and without your pet?

Our Soma Family’s Pets

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