National Pumpkin Day

October 26, 2017
National Pumpkin Day

Today is National Pumpkin Day and we are celebrating with a post on the versatility of squashes and gourds. Beyond being decorations for Halloween, and the fast approaching Thanksgiving, pumpkins and squash have many health benefits. According to Organic Facts, squash has vitamins and nutrients that are anti-inflamatory, antioxidants, and contain magnesium, potassium, manganese and calcium. These vegetables also can boost the immune system, and protect the body from disease, cancer, and premature aging. Other health benefits include helping to manage diabetes, and overall skin health.

If you have not gotten your pumpkin for halloween yet, this weekend may bring about the perfect opportunity. There are so many fun arts and crafts projects to do with a pumpkin. You can host a pumpkin party wither painting images on the pumpkin, or having a carving session. These are some very cool pumpkin carving ideas from Good Housekeeping. And after you clean out your pumpkin, you can roast the seeds! If you have already carved your pumpkin, comment below and share a picture!

Everyone knows the best part of any holiday is the food that is shared. The New York Times Cooking section has so many different recipes to make with either pumpkin, or any type of squash. So let yourself fall into autumn, and get riding on the pumpkin train! Happy National Pumpkin Day!

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