Fun Fact Friday: Your Stomach Lining Reddens When You Blush

November 16, 2018


Fun Fact Friday: Your Stomach Lining Reddens When You Blush

Did you know that your stomach lining reddens when you blush? Do you think that is funny or unexpected, or did you already know that? Click to read more about blushing and the composition of the stomach lining.

What is Blushing?

At some point, everyone has either blushed, or gotten caught blushing. Blushing is a natural process that happens when the blood rises to the surface of the skin, giving off the pinkish color and effect. We tend to blush when we are embarrassed, ashamed, or passionate, or angry. The physiological response is initiated by a change in our emotions, or the consumption of alcohol. Some psychologists and researchers believe that blushing has evolved as a way to show without words, that we feel badly or are effected in a slightly less than positive way for situations that we are apart of. The blushing is a signal to other people around us of how we feel. This is interesting because nonverbal queues are said to make up about 90% of how we communicate.

What is the Stomach Lining?

The stomach lining is the tissue that protects our stomach walls from the fluid inside, and the other internal organs in our body. Did you know that the stomach fluid has the ability to digest a steel table? Our stomach acid would be able to digest our bodies if it wasn’t replaced every 3 days. The stomach lining is one of the fastest growing tissues because it has to be to aid in digestion.

Final Thoughts

Did you know that the stomach lining reddens when you blush? Are you going to try to make somebody blush now? Are you interested in other medical facts that we have written previously? Click here. Comment below if you know a cool medical fact that you would want us to write about in a post!

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