How Big Are Your Lungs? – Human Lungs

May 18, 2018
How Big Are Your Lungs - Human Lungs

How Big Are Your Lungs - Human Lungs

Fun Fact Friday: Your Lungs Can Cover a Tennis Court

The body may seem somewhere on average within the 5-7 foot range, but we are completely compacted. The small intestine unraveled would be about 20 feet long. It is compacted to fit inside of our bodies. If the lungs were laid flat, our lungs can cover a tennis court.

How Big Are the Lungs Laid Flat?

A tennis court is about 78 feet long, an 27 feet wide. This makes it over 2,106 square feet. That is simply subliminal. The lungs are composed of spongy tissue which is layers upon layers of cells. The tubes that let in oxygen and let out carbon dioxide are called bronchi. The sacs at the end of these tubes are alveoli. Alveoli contain blood vessels. The pleura is a layer of thin tissue that cover the lungs. With every contraction, the lungs are coated in a fluid to help them move.

Why Do We Need To Breathe?

Breathing is essential for almost all life forms. The oxygen is used to burn fuel from food. The sugars and fats are then used as energy for cells to reproduce and keep us alive. The lungs help us to breathe in oxygen which is also transported on red blood cells. Through deoxidation, oxygen is used to help produce waste products.


As mentioned before, the lungs are tissue filled. Asthma is the complication from which mucus fills the airways. The Mayo Clinic defines asthma symptoms as, “shortness of breath, chest tightness or pain, trouble sleeping, wheezing, coughing, and wheezing attacks that are worsened by a respiratory virus.” Chances are you know many people who suffer from asthma, and carry their inhaler.

Final Thoughts

Did you know today’s fun fact? Do you know any other fun facts about the lungs? What are some of your favorite medical trivia? Click here to browse some of our other articles on medical trivia.

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