The length of the small intestine - Soma Technology, Inc.

The length of the small intestine - Soma Technology, Inc.

Unfolded, the Small Intestine Can Be Around 20 Feet

The small intestine may confuse some people with its focus on small. The small of the small intestines refers to its width. The large intestine is actually shorter and much wider. If someone was to unfold the small intestine it would reach to around 20 feet.

Anatomy of the Small Intestine

The shape of the small intestine is very unique. There are three parts of the small intestine including; the duodenum, jejunum, and the ileum. The duodenum is the top part that is next to the pancreas. The jejunum is the middle part and connected to duodenum and ileum to the small intestine. The ileum is at the very end of the small intestine and is used to absorb vitamins into the body.


The main function is to aid in digestion. Proteins, lipids, and carbohydrates are broken down to their main components. The food can use the blood vessels in the small intestine to be passed along to other parts of the body for cellular absorption. Overall, gut health is extremely important to maintaining a healthy immune system.

Final Thoughts

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