First Day of Spring

March 20, 2018
First day of spring

First day of spring

First Day of Spring

Happy First Day of Spring everyone, (in the northern hemisphere)! Today marks the beginning of the Spring Solstice. We are looking forward to warmer weather, longer hours of daylight, and doing more activities outside. Have you ever wondered why people tend to be happier in the spring and summer months?

Benefits of More Sunlight

We have frequently written on our blog about the depression lesser sunlight hours innately causes. In the winter, the longer the days are full of darkness, the moodier we become. Our bodies are not set on an internal clock by the hours of sunlight. This is why we tend to sleep for longer periods of time in the winter months. Some people may have depression related to the change in seasons, called Seasonal Affective Disorder. During the spring and summer months, this seasonal depression fades and people begin feeling like themselves again.

Our body’s natural clock tells us when we should produce melatonin to go to sleep. This happens usually at night, and with sunset around normal bedtimes, we naturally fall asleep faster in the summer. Sunlight also makes us happier,and boosts our Vitamin D intake.

Our favorite Spring Activities

The best part of spring is that there are more activities readily available to participate in outside. We like talking walks, going for hikes, attending BBQs, fishing, and going to parks. If you still would like to stay inside, it may be a fun idea to participate in some crafts, such as floral arrangements, or painting.

Final Thoughts

This is a time when animal emerge from hibernation, so if you live in a woodsy area, please remember that bears, rabbits, birds, and other wildlife are mating.

Do you have a favorite activity you like to do when the weather becomes warmer? Do you notice that you are happier in sunnier and warmer weather? Comment below!


  1. Great Article, My favorite festival is the first day of spring. Nature looks beautiful on that day That’s a reason I Love Spring Equinox. Thank you so much for share this article.

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