Flu Season is Still Largely Affecting People

March 11, 2019
Flu Season Is Still Affecting People - Soma Technology, Inc.

Flu Season is Still Largely Affecting People

Chances are that know someone or multiple people who have been affected by this year’s flu, or maybe you happened to have had the flu. Over 26 million people have already gotten the flu this season, and the number is expected to be higher by the end of the season. Continue reading to learn more about the flu, what to do if you have it, and what to do to prevent it in the future.

How Do I Know If I Have the Flu?

You may not know if you have the flu because many of the symptoms may present itself as the common cold. If you have the flu, you are also likely to experience a fever, chills, sweats, fatigue, weakness, sore throat, nasal congestion, muscle aches, and headaches. If you have the flu it is best to see a physician. It will likely require time to rest and you should avoid going to public places, school, work, or crowded venues. The people are most receptive to getting the flu include seniors, babies, and those with compromised immune systems and disorders.

Is there Something Unique About The Strains?

This year is poised to be one of the worst flu season years in the past decade. Usually Swine Flu, H1N1 hits the hardest as one of the strains. However, this year H3N2 is taking over as one of the deadlier strains. It has emerged in Florida as the leading flu strain and is supposed to migrate around the United States. Unfortunately for most, the H3N2 strain is not protected by this year’s flu shot.

Next Year, Get the Flu Shot

The flu shot is the single most important defense against the flu. The flu shot is specifically made each year based on predictions of the strains that are going around most frequently. By getting the flu shot, you will likely not pass around the flu, and prevent others from getting sick as well. Many places carry the flu shot. These places include hospitals, clinics, community center flu shot drives, your primary care physician’s office, flu clinics, and usually at most pharmacies.

Final Thoughts

Were you one of the smart ones who had gotten their flu shot this year? Have you safely navigated not getting the flu? Were you one of the unlucky ones who became sick despite getting a flu shot? And if you did not get a flu shot, please list the reasons why. Promise us that next year you will make an effort to get the flu shot, and to take precautions to be safe.

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