Tuesday Thoughts: Have You Gotten Your Flu Shot?

September 18, 2018
Tuesday Thought Flu Shot

Tuesday Thought Flu Shot

Tuesday Thoughts: Have You Gotten Your Flu Shot?

It is a strange phenomenon that the summer months see a decrease in people with the flu. People are outside more frequently being active. Researchers see a stark contrast during the winter months when people stay indoors, and can easily spread germs through shared spaces, schools, cubicles, and public places. Unfortunately, the colder months also bring the flu. Click to continue to read more about the flu, and how you can avoid it.

Each year, the virus that causes the flu is slightly different than the year before. Each vaccine needs to be specially formatted from previous laboratory research. It is highly recommended that every year, each person gets the vaccine. It is especially critical for people who are young, old, and who have compromised immune systems to get the flu shot.

What Does the Flu Look Like?

Influenza can be a deadly disease, if not treated. 1918 saw the largest pandemic of Influenza outbreak in history. The symptoms to watch out for include a dry cough, nasal congestion, aching muscles, headache, chills and sweats, sore throat, and a fever. You may not have all of these symptoms at once, but if you think you may have some of them, seek immediate care.

Where Can I Get a Flu Shot?

You can get a flu shot at multiple different places. You can usually get one at your primary care physician’s office. If you attend a college or university, your school’s health center usually holds clinics to become vaccinated. Some pharmacies such as CVS, RiteAid, and Walgreens usually stock the vaccine at their stores. You can also go to a clinic, or maybe your community center or local Red Cross is holding a flu vaccine drive.

Final Thoughts

Have you gotten your flu vaccine yet? Are you planning on getting it done soon? Have you ever had the flu? Comment below!

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