The Health Benefits of Friendship

February 27, 2018
Friendship Benefits

Friendship Benefits

The Health Benefits of Friendship

Humans need interpersonal relationships to survive. Scientifically documented by Harry Harlow using Rhesus monkeys, monkeys alike their primate cousins of humans, have complex relationships with others. Harlow studied that when a monkey was left by itself, it would eventually die from loneliness. Harlow also studied what happens when monkeys are around other monkeys and their social behaviors.

Social Necessity

Camaraderie is more than a want, it is a necessity. People who have loving relationships are found to be much happier. And those who are happy, are healthier. Friendships are based on mutual respect, admiration, and a sense of belonging. Friends tend to hang out together to reduce stress or communicate to relieve issues in their personal and professional lives.

There are many activities that people are more likely to do when they have a friend. Some people use a gym buddy to force themselves to go to the gym. This creates an importance of health in the friendship. and may help people lose weight.

Humans tend to use friends as a free therapist. Friends let us air out our issues, and give us advice as a third party. Friends help to support us during the trying times of life including divorces, sickness, and traumatic events. People who have a few good friends are likelier happier and more satisfied with their lives.

Final Thoughts

What else do friendships contribute to your life that we didn’t mention? Tell us about a time when your best friend helped you. Comment below!

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