New Metal Resistant to Blood

January 23, 2017
New Metal Resistant to Blood

This blog has become a place for news about medical and technological breakthroughs. The popular saying states, “necessity is the mother of invention.” The necessity for this invention is patient safety. Healthcare only succeeds when the needs and comfort of the patient are met. Technology is implemented by an industry when it is, easy to use, convenient, and can be well maintained.

Researchers have produced a new type of titanium that is resistant to blood. Anne Ju Manning writes about this topic in her article “Blood-Repellent Materials: A New Approach to Medical Implants,” in the Colorado State University Blog from Advanced Healthcare Materials. Manning writes that traditional, “medical implants like stents, catheters and tubing introduce risk for blood clotting and infection.” This new superhemophobic titanium can be used on, “surgical implants with lower risk of rejection by the body.” Biomedical Engineers Arun Kota and Ketul Popat are responsible for this metallic creation through trials, leaves a low amount of platelets on the surface. Kota said that they are “taking a material that blood hates to come in contact with, in order to make it compatible with blood.” Hopefully with this innovation, there will be a lowered risk of pulmonary embolisms and heart attacks. Popat commented that, “normally, blood flows in vessels. If we can design materials where blood barely contacts the surface, there is virtually no chance of clotting.” The material will still need to be studied and approved by governmental and health agencies before it can be implemented into humans. This is a great step to improving patient’s quality of life, and extending longevity.



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