Procedure Cures Blindness in Hemorrhaged Eyes

December 16, 2016
Procedure Cures Blindness in Hemorrhaged Eyes

The holiday season is approaching, and everyone deserves the chance to feel good; and to be healthy. Those who have suffered a brain injury are able to get the gift of a “Breakthrough Surgery Restoring Sight to People with Hemorrhaging in the Eye,” written by Tracy Staedter of In the last 10 years, Ophthalmologist  Dr. Rajenda Apte performs surgeries on patients with hemorrhaging in the eye reducing their status from legally blind, to being able to see clearly. Staedter describes the condition of Terson Syndrome as, “blood and pressure that builds up in the eye [causing]  blood vessels around the eye’s optic nerve to burst, filling the eye with blood and preventing light from reaching photoreceptor cells in the retina.” Fortunately, patients can have surgery to “replace the vitreous gel with a saline solution,” while “the doctor would clean out the blood and replace it with saline solution.” Patients are able to have their vision fully restored in this breakthrough medical procedure.

This fairly new procedure can have lasting effects on patients and medical practices of surgeons. The one-time procedure means patients do not need to come back in to relieve pressure in their eyes because their ailment is completely treated. The relatively new finding of blood in the eyes of patients with Terson Syndrome, allow neurologists to better identify how to treat their patients, and make recommendations for surgery. Surgeons are also able to help their patients lead better lives; with these patients being able to do any general activity involving sight. Soma Technology looks forward to learning of more patients cured by this breakthrough surgery, and looking forward to the future of these patients.



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