Solar Powered Medical Devices

January 5, 2017
Solar Powered Medical Devices

Our environment is a topic at the forefront of political and social issues. The movement to “Go Green” has gained movement and garnered a myriad amount of followers. People are changing their lifestyles to adapt a “reduce, reuse and recycle” mantra to living. The other approach to going green is saving energy; through wind or hydro turbines, geothermal devices, and solar power.

Solar panels have been popping up everywhere, as people become more cautious of their carbon footprint. Michael J. Coren writes about running medical devices off solar panels in Quartz’s article, “Tiny Solar Panels Under Your Skin are Almost Ready To Power The Next Generation of Medical Devices.” Coren says that Swiss researchers published a trial in the Annals of Biomedical Engineering that, “showed postage-stamp sized panels implanted under the skin could theoretically generate enough electricity to run pacemakers and similar devices that now require bulky batteries.” This study had 32 participants and lasted six months. Coren says, “the power generated on average was multiple times the 5-10 microwatts required by a standard cardia pacemaker.” Unfortunately this device is too large to be implanted and not safe enough to go under human skin.

This trial is a step in the right direction for healthcare and environmentalism. Until this is available, Soma still contributes to well to the environmentalist impact. Purchasing our refurbished products means that they have been recycled, and will then be reused. Soma helps to save the planet, and save your wallet.


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