What Does The American Red Cross Do?

May 8, 2018
What Does The American Red Cross Do

What Does The American Red Cross Do

What Does The American Red Cross Do?

There are many ways in which the Red Cross contributes to healthcare. The Red Cross is arguably the most well known aid foundation in the United States, let alone in the world after UNICEF. The Red Cross helps millions of people every year from health issues to help with displacement from natural disasters.

History of the Red Cross

The American Red Cross was founded by  Civil War nurse Clara Barton in 1881. Barton used her nursing skills and empathy to treat a variety of people that needed assistance. Over the years, there have been more than 650 Red Cross chapters open globally. Today, the Red Cross offers many services and administers humanitarian aid.

How Do the Services Offer by the Red Cross Benefit Others?

As a humanitarian aid foundation, the Red Cross performs many services. These services include holding drives for tissue, blood and plasma donation. Millions of people every year receive these donations for which they can continue receiving quality healthcare. This quality comes from the hard work of volunteers and workers. The American Red Cross participates in leukoreduction, cellular therapies, nucleic acid testing, and medical research.

In addition to health care services, the Red Cross also performs aid in the form of relief help. Natural disasters as well as man made caused ones need help for both the people, and their communities. Although the Red Cross is a nonprofit, charitable institution, it has ties to the United States Government. This relationship allows the Red Cross to administer aid in communities across the United States.

Disaster responses include feeding and sheltering displaced persons from natural or civil engineering disasters. The Red Cross gives out food, water, and medical attention to disaster victims.

Final Thoughts

Have you ever used any service from the Red Cross? Have you ever donated blood, plasma or tissue? Are there any other medically inclined organizations that you think we should write about? Comment below!

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