Monday Matchup: Baxter Sigma Spectrum VS BD CareFusion Alaris PC 8015

March 26, 2018
Baxter Sigma Spectrum VS Alaris PC Unit 8015 - Soma Technology, Inc.

Baxter Sigma Spectrum VS Alaris PC Unit 8015 - Soma Technology, Inc.

Monday Matchup: Baxter Sigma Spectrum VS CareFusion Alaris PC 8015

Today’s Monday Matchup features the Sigma Spectrum IV pump VS BD CareFusion Alaris PC Unit 8015. Both of these infusion pumps are frequently sold during the flu season. And while spring is in effect, it is still very much flu season, right on through April. Infusion pumps distribute medications and fluids to someone who very much cannot process them orally. This may be due to upper respiratory ailments, or severe illness.

General Comparison

Both of the Baxter Sigma Spectrum and the CareFusion Alaris PC Unit can be mounted on poles/ carts for easy portability. The well-lit screens are easy-to-read and come with clarified instructions for infusion. Both have a set of alarms indicated for patient safety in terms of fulfilled fluid treatment, or if the chord is compromised and can’t deliver the medications.

Baxter Sigma Spectrum

The Baxter Sigma Spectrum is used in a variety of different medical facilities. The prevention systems include configurable dose error reduction software and single-step titration. Other systems include check flow at the start of infusion and secondary container infusion check.

BD Alaris PC Unit

The BD Alaris PC Unit makes it easy to increase IV therapy delivery and has improved practices in clinical environments. The Alaris features wireless connectivity, powerful analytics, and increased protection for IV safety. The system data set is stored in compact flash memory along with operating software.

Spare Parts

We stock many spare parts for all of the machines we sell. If you are looking for spare parts for an infusion pump, you can visit, Please call 1-860-578-1033 for any parts orders. Have your part name, number, and specifications ready; or you can email [email protected].

Final Thoughts

Have you used either of these infusion pumps before? Is there one you favor the use of, over another? Are there any features you would change? Comment below.

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