Maquet Servo-i vs Vyaire Avea

December 18, 2017
Maquet Servo-i vs Vyaire Avea Ventilators - Soma Technology, Inc.

Maquet Servo-i Compared to the Vyaire Avea Ventilator

About the Maquet Servo-i

Maquet Servo-i Ventilator - Soma Technology, Inc.

The Maquet Sero-i is available in three main configurations; Infant, adult, and universal. These main configurations for the servo i are equipped with a number of ventilation modes that are suitable for each patient category. Further ventilation modes can be installed via software upgrades. The Siemens servo-i can be divided into two main units; the user-interface and the patient unit.

Maquet Servo-i Features

  • Enables treatment of all patient categories.
  • Transportation with no loss of treatment quality within and between hospitals.
  • Allows for investigation of different treatment options like Open Lung Tool and Auto mode.
  • Invasive ventilation.
  • Non-invasive ventilation with leakage compensation.
  • CO2 Analyzer for end-tidal carbon dioxide measurement that may give important insight into the efficiency of the ventilation.
  • Y sensor measurement, for neonatal/pediatric and adult patients. Enables measurement of pressure and flow as close to the patient’s airway as possible.
  • Nasal CPAP.
  • Heliox – gives a more laminar flow that reduces work of breathing.
  • Stress Index – will monitor hyperinflation or repeated alveolar collapse, thus allowing the identification of injurious ventilation (VILI).7
  • Ventilation Record Card – Facilitates research work and presentations.
  • Maquet ventilator accessories and consumables that are fully tested and designed to work optimally with Servo ventilators.

About the Vyaire Avea

Vyaire Avea Ventilator - Soma Technology, Inc.

The Vyaire Avea ventilator provides comprehensive critical care ventilation for the smallest patients int he NICU to children and adults with complex respiratory diseases. The Avea ventilator provides invasive and noninvasive ventilation for all patient types. This ventilator can handle volumetric capnography and transpulmonary pressure monitoring, but also has the capability to bring clinicians and hospital management actionable information to help better address clinical operation challenges in patient care.

Vyaire Avea Features

  • Automated MIP/NIF, AutoPEEP, and Slow Flow maneuvers
  • Programmable oxygen increase
  • Artificial airway compensation
  • Leak compensation
  • A comprehensive array of modes and advanced features:
    • Volumetric capnography
    • Precision gas delivery system
    • Onboard compressor
    • Three different serial communication protocols

Comparing Dimensions

Below you can see the direct size comparisons for the Servo-i and the Avea. This comparison is only the user-interface.  From this comparison, you can clearly see that the Maquet Servo-i is a lot thinner and lighter.

Maquet Servo-i Dimensions

  • Height: 11.6″ (29.5 cm)
  • Width: 14″ (35.5 cm)
  • Depth: 2.1″ (5.3 cm)
  • Weight (with patient unit and user-interface): 44 lbs (20 kg)

Vyaire Avea Dimensions

  • Height: 10.5″ (26.7 cm)
  • Width: 17″ (43.2 cm)
  • Depth: 10.5″ (40.6)
  • Weight (with patient unit and user-interface): 73 lbs (33.1 kg)

Demo and Refurbished Ventilators

Soma Tech Intl continues to be the leader in refurbished capital medical equipment. Soma just celebrated 25 years in business and looks forward to excelling in the medical refurbishment market. Soma technically and cosmetically refurbishes ventilators back to their OEM specifications. Each ventilator is fully tested before it leaves our facility. Our ventilators, like all of our products, are brought back to their OEM specifications through; disassembly, inspection, cleaning, repair, replacements of necessary parts, calibration, and special cosmetic restoration. These products are able to function as if they did the day they left the manufacturer.

Contact Your Sales Rep

We have a valued team of sales representatives who are more than willing to assist in any of your ventilation needs. Along with Soma’s wide selection of demo and refurbished ventilators, Soma also carries many other capital medical equipment including; C-arms, Infusion pumps, Patient Monitors, Anesthesia Machines, Surgical Tables, and far more. Please remember to contact Soma Tech if you have any questions regarding ventilators or other medical equipment.


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