Verathon Glidescope GO VS Axia HDView D-Series Video Laryngoscope

September 19, 2022
Glidescope GO VS Axia HD-View D-Series Video Laryngoscope


  1. What Is A Laryngoscope?
  2. General Comparison Between Glidescope GO And HDView D-Series
  3. Introduction To Verathon Glidescope GO
  4. Features Of The Glidescope GO
  5. Introduction To The Axia HDView D-Series
  6. Features Of The HDView D-Series
  7. Refurbished Laryngoscope Units
  8. Final Thought


In today’s medical field, a laryngoscope is often utilized to visualize the condition of a patient’s larynx. A healthy larynx is important since it contains your vocal cords (folds). Air passes through your larynx and over your vocal cords, causing them to vibrate which produces sound. It also helps you breathe, talk, and swallow. It’s positioned at the top of your trachea or windpipe at the back of the throat. Two unique video laryngoscope units are both the Verathon Glidescope GO and Axia HDView D-Series. Continue reading further to learn more.


Laryngoscopy is a procedure a doctor uses to look at the larynx (voice box), including the vocal cords, as well as nearby structures like the back of the throat. There are different types of laryngoscopy:

  • In a direct laryngoscopy, the doctor can use different types of laryngoscopes, which are long, thin instruments with a light and a lens or a small video camera on the end. The laryngoscope is put in through your nose or mouth and down your throat. Some laryngoscopes are flexible (fiber-optic), while others are rigid (stiff). The choice of which type to use depends on why it’s being done.
  • For an indirect laryngoscopy, the doctor aims a light at the back of the throat, usually by wearing headgear that has a bright light attached and uses a small, tilted mirror held at the back of the throat to see the vocal cords.


SpecificationsVerathon Glidescope GO Axia HDView D-Series
Monitor Dimensions (HxWxD) 3.39 x 3.86 x 1.85 in. (86 x 98 x 47mm) 3.5” full view
LCD 320 x 240 px, 3.5 in. (8.9 cm) N/A
Monitor LCD ScreenLCD Screen
Display 30 fps (frames per sec) 30 fps (frames per sec)
Resolution N/A640 x 480 RGB
Weight 8.82 oz (0.25 kg) 12.34 oz (0.35 kg)
Data Input Automatic recording with removable micro-USB drive Easy to establish and store files
Operating Temperature 50–104°F (10—40°C) 41–104°F (5—40°C)
Transport / Storage Condition -4—104°F (-20—40°C) 14—113°F (-10—45°C)
Atmospheric Pressure 700—1060 hPa 700—1060 hPa
Battery Type Rechargeable lithium battery Rechargeable lithium battery
Battery Life Under normal operating conditions, a fully charged, new battery lasts approximately 100 minutes (5) intubations without recording. More than 300 charges
Charging Time Charging time off line will take no more than 3 hours from an empty battery to a full charge. Charging time less than 8 hours from an empty battery to a full charge
Power1200 mAh or higher, 3.7 V (nominal voltage), 4.2 V (max charge voltage) 3200 mAh (capacity), 3.7 V (nominal voltage)


The Verathon GlideScope Go is a handheld video laryngoscope system designed to deliver clear airway views, both directly and indirectly, facilitating rapid intubation. The reusable 3.5‑inch tilting color monitor and rechargeable battery can be fully submerged for cleaning. Available user settings include auto‑record, auto‑shutdown, and content display, supporting a more customized user experience. This system integrates with the Spectrum product portfolio offering fully disposable blades that can be swapped without powering down the monitor. It also integrates with the GlideScope Video Baton 2.0, which reduces electronic waste through the use of disposable Stats. The GlideScope Go is ideal for working under rugged conditions, for routine and difficult airways, and in a wide range of patients and clinical settings.


Features of the Verathon GlideScope Go include:

  • Access the GlideScope Spectrum blade portfolio
  • Fully disposable, single-use blades to support infection control initiatives
  • 3.5” landscape, color display with vertical tilt adjustment for maximum flexibility
  • Easy to use and easy to train, with an on/off button and intuitive display
  • Hot-swappable functionality enables blade changes without powering down
  • Automatic recording with removable micro-USB drive
  • Scratch-resistant screen with anti-glare coating for reliable clarity in any environment
  • Fully submersible video monitor and battery to simplify cleaning
  • Dynamic Light Control™ and Ambient Light Reduction™ for enhanced airway views
  • Operates on corded, external power should the battery be discharged
  • Rugged design ensures functionality even when dropped from 4 feet
  • IP67 rating ensures full dust protection and reliable operation in wet conditions
  • Backed by a full warranty and customer support


The Axia HDView D-Series video laryngoscope adopts state-of-the-art image technology and possesses the advantage of a 2.0-megapixel full-view camera with a high-resolution monitor. The HDView D-Series features a rechargeable lithium battery and a reusable for extended use. A unique anti-fog capability is also provided. The overall design is compact and ergonomic. A high-resolution view of the glottis will enable clinicians first attempt success while minimizing any chance of a complication during the intubation process.


Unique features that the Axia HDView D-Series include:

  • 3.5 In Display
  • Anti-Fog Lens
  • The screen is reinforced with anti-shatter protection
  • 2.0 Mega Pixel Camera
  • Reusable blades can be used up to 1000 times
  • Low-cost disposable blades
  • Lightweight
  • Versatile portable design
  • Anti-Shatter Protection Screen
  • Quick Shot Camera Button for recording
  • Backed by a full warranty and customer support


First and foremost, our units are not just technically refurbished, they are also cosmetically refurbished to look and perform as new. The unit is carefully inspected and tested by our skilled biomedical engineers who are highly certified and knowledgeable. Next, parts are replaced if necessary to ensure that the unit is working efficiently. Once everything is in working order, the units are then inspected to meet the original manufacturer’s specifications. This guarantees that the unit is operating in the same manner as when it was first manufactured. After the laryngoscopes are in great working condition, they undergo a cosmetic restoration process where it is repaired, cleaned, painted, and decals replaced if necessary. Finally, the laryngoscopes go through a final quality control test before being labeled patient-ready. This guarantees Soma’s high-quality standards in offering the best capital medical equipment.

Soma Tech Intl offers both the Verathon Glidescope GO and Axia HDView D-Series laryngoscopes up to 50% below OEM price along with the same service and warranty contracts as new. Soma Tech Intl is ISO 13485 certified and supplies medical equipment from top manufacturers. Furthermore, if you would like to request either of the two featured laryngoscopes, you can contact us at 1-800-GET-SOMA or email us at [email protected]. One of our knowledgeable sales representatives can assist you with any further inquiries you may have.


There are several reasons why a medical provider may need a laryngoscope unit. As you can see, both the Verathon Glidescope GO and Axia HDView D-Series are among the most requested video laryngoscopes due to their compatibility, versatility, and efficiency in the field. What is your thought on both laryngoscope units? Have you or your facility ever used either unit before? What features do you look for in the ideal laryngoscope unit? Feel free to leave your comments down below!

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