Rent Medical Equipment With Soma Tech Intl.

June 28, 2022
Rent Medical Equipment With Soma


  1. What Soma Offers
  2. Benefits of Renting Medical Equipment
  3. Rental Contracts
  4. Equipment Rental

What Soma Offers

Soma Tech Intl has been dedicating its time to helping our healthcare system by fulfilling capital medical equipment needs. Soma has been specializing in outfitting hospitals, surgical centers, and other healthcare facilities for over 30 years. Soma offers new, demo, and refurbished medical equipment for a fraction of the cost. Throughout the past years, Soma has provided excellent customer service, as well as becoming a market leader in the refurbished medical equipment industry. Because Soma wants to help all who need it, Soma also offers the Soma Rental Program. This program allows your medical facility to rent capital medical equipment to help keep your facility to a budget, trial different equipment, or facilitate specific equipment for multiple different procedures.

Benefits of Renting Medical Equipment

There are several benefits to renting medical equipment from Soma. First and foremost is avoiding acquisition and maintenance costs on equipment. Soma understands the need to have different medical devices available to meet the demands of the constantly changing medical industry. Another benefit of renting is the reduced downtime due to repairs or preventative maintenance. Your medical facility has the ability to access equipment without any capital outlay while ensuring the most efficient management of resources.

Rental Contracts

Soma offers short-term, long-term and rent-to-own options to help facilitate the equipment your facility needs while still staying within your budget. Offering these three different contracts expands the options your facility can explore. Medical equipment rentals have a minimum rental period of at least three months. Whether you need the units for specific procedures or trying something new in your facility, this would be the perfect way to try any of our equipment in your practice. Long-term rentals can last as long as your facility needs it. Soma understands that some facilities need to rent specific equipment for longer periods of time without wanting or needing to purchase it. For those who need a longer-term rental option, this would be the best option for you. Our final rental contract is our rent-to-own program. This is one of the best rental opportunities that soma has to offer. This gives you the option to try a piece of equipment but then later decide to purchase. If you decide that purchasing the equipment would be beneficial to your facility, part of your rental price could go toward your official purchase payment. In order to change your current rental contract, contact your dedicated Soma representative. If you decide that the equipment isn’t something your facility needs for long-term use, you can always keep your current contract.

Equipment Rental

Soma Tech Intl offers hundreds of different medical devices and machines that you can rent. Ranging anywhere from incubators to anesthesia machines, to X-ray rentals. Even if the unit you are looking for is not on the website, give Soma a call to double check the inventory for you! To see the range of rental items that are offered please visit our website: or click here to be directed to our medical equipment rental section. If you have any questions, feel free to contact any sale representative by calling: 1 (800) 438-7662, or send an email to: [email protected]. We will get back to you within 24 hours of a regular workday.

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