Hurricane Preparedness

September 14, 2017
Hurricane Preparedness

Hurricane season has taken a disastrous and deadly turn this year. Hurricanes Harvey and Irma have left communities in the Southeastern United States, and the Caribbean without power, access to water, shelter, and some have lost all of their belongings. Photos and videos have been flashing on the screens of network television channels. With state-wide evacuations, hospitals have closed. Those who have chosen to stay in the affected areas are putting themselves in danger. Emergency aid has been administered in Texas and Florida. Celebrities have even joined in trying to help raise money for the victims of these natural disasters.


Soma Technology is committed to helping communities like these in the face of disaster. Hospitals can use our rent-to-own options to be well equipped. We offer solutions for complete emergency room and operating room facilities as well as surgical beds, stretchers, patient monitors, defibrillators and ventilators. You can browse our products at, or you can contact your local rep. Please be prepared for when Hurricane Jose comes, and in the mean-time please look at these helpful tips for hurricane preparedness.

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