New Soma Tech Intl Website Launch!

January 18, 2024
New Soma Tech Intl Website Launch!

Announcing the Unveiling of the Revamped Soma Website!

We are pleased to introduce the launch of the new Soma website, a testament to the dedicated efforts of our team. Extensive work has gone into enhancing the user experience by updating our platform with a sleek and contemporary interface. The primary objective of this new look is to align with modern design trends and ensure seamless accessibility and user-friendliness.

This article will outline the new features and key changes of our updated website compared to the previous model.

As we embark on this journey, we are thrilled to commence the new year with a rejuvenated digital presence. The culmination of our efforts is a source of great excitement for our team, and we eagerly anticipate the positive reception of this significant release.




Taking a closer look at our revamped homepage reveals several improvements over the previous version. The sleeker design not only enhances aesthetics but also brings a sense of order, making every element on the page more visible and user-friendly. The enlarged product thumbnails not only contribute to a more visually appealing layout but also provide a clearer showcase of our diverse range of products.

In the header section, we’ve introduced three clickable options, each offering a brief description of our services. This addition aims to provide visitors with quick insights into what we offer, streamlining their navigation through the site.

A significant transformation unfolds in the form of our new navigation bar on the front page. The expansion from 4 to 5 columns in product categories allows for a more comprehensive display of our offerings. This adjustment is geared towards simplifying the browsing process, ensuring that users can easily find the specific products they are searching for.

Furthermore, we’ve paid attention to the finer details, such as changing the main font to align with the overall website design and color scheme. This deliberate effort not only creates a more cohesive visual experience but also modernizes the entire theme of the website.




We’ve implemented significant changes to enhance the look and feel of individual category pages. The layout has been thoughtfully adjusted to create a more visually pleasing and organized experience. Each section now has more space, contributing to an improved overall appearance.

Now, at the top of each category page, you’ll find a brief description to give you a quick overview. Below that, we’ve remodeled the featured products section to display only items specifically related to that category. This is a departure from the previous design, which showcased all advertised products on the same page.

On the right side of the page, our popular manufacturers are listed with smaller icons, allowing for better space utilization. This intentional adjustment aims to draw attention to the main products, creating a more focused and user-friendly browsing experience. To maintain a consistent and neat presentation, all products are now contained within a uniform square shape, ensuring that images fit seamlessly within the designated space.

These thoughtful changes not only improve the aesthetic appeal of our category pages but also enhance the user’s ability to navigate and explore our offerings with ease.


Moving on to our individual product pages, notable enhancements have been introduced in the transition from the old to the new website. One prominent improvement lies in the increased quality of images. The updated platform now offers higher-resolution images, allowing users to zoom in and observe finer details of the machines directly from the thumbnails.

In addition to the sleek design, the overall style has been refined, presenting information in a bold and straightforward manner. The introduction of four distinct tab sections—dedicated to description, specs, videos, and details about the refurbishment process—organizes information systematically. This structural refinement facilitates ease of navigation, ensuring users can swiftly locate the desired information without unnecessary scrolling, a marked departure from our previous version.

Additionally, modifications have been made to the quote and download spec buttons, enhancing clarity and ensuring a more evident call to action.


In summary, the launch of our new website marks a significant milestone, showcasing various enhancements designed to elevate user experience. From the homepage to individual product pages, each article has been meticulously refined. The homepage boasts a sleeker design, a revamped navigation bar, and an improved layout of product categories. The individual category pages offer a more organized and visually appealing presentation, featuring concise descriptions and specific product showcases.

On individual product pages, users can now enjoy higher-quality images with zoom capabilities, providing a closer look at machine details. The style has been updated for a more modern and streamlined appearance, complemented by a structured tab layout for easy navigation. Notable improvements include a clear organization of information, eliminating the need for excessive scrolling.

The combined efforts in website enhancements and infrastructure development reflect our dedication to providing an enhanced and progressive experience for our valued users. We look forward with great excitement to the positive reception of these changes and the continued evolution of our brand this year.

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