Zimmer ATS 2000 Tourniquet System

October 28, 2016
Soma Technology, Inc. - Zimmer ATS 2000

Zimmer ATS 2000

Automatic Tourniquet System

The Zimmer ATS 2000 is the next generation from the ATS 1500 tourniquet system. The Zimmer ATS 2000 is a dual pump system that allows for Bier Block procedures. Feel free to inquire about Zimmer, Scanned, and Expressaire tourniquet cuffs and hoses. Single & Dual Port Options: All cuff styles are available in both single and dual port configurations, allowing for use with any A.T.S. tourniquet regulator. Single port cuffs for use with the Zimmer ATS 750 and Zimmer ATS 1200 Tourniquet Systems. Dual port and Bier Block cuffs for use with A.T.S. 1500 and 2000 Tourniquet System.

Zimmer ATS 2000 Specifications:


  • Automatic, microprocessor-based pneumatic tourniquet system.
  • Able to independently control and monitor two cuffs in a Bier Block or bilateral procedure.
  • Portable and designed for tabletop or tourniquet stand monitoring.

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