Surgical Table Comparison: Steris 4095 Table VS Steris 4085 Table

June 9, 2023
Surgical Table Comparison: Steris 4095 Table VS Steris 4085 Table


  1. General Comparison Between the Steris 4095 and the Steris 4085
  2. Introduction to the Steris 4095 Surgical Table
  3. Features of the Steris 4095
  4. Introduction to the Steris 4085 Surgical Table
  5. Features of the Steris 4085
  6. Main Differences
  7. Refurbished Surgical Tables
  8. Why Rent From Soma Tech Intl.

General Comparison Between the Steris 4095 and the Steris 4085

SpecificationsSteris 4095Steris 4085
Table Length81"81"
Table Width20"20"
Table Height Range26" to 45"26" to 45"
Table Slide Range18" total18" total
Table Shipping Weight560 lbs. 560 lbs.
Trendelenburg / Reverse30° / 30°30° / 30°
Lateral Tilt (left/right20° / 20°20° / 20°
Head Section+90° to -90°+90° to -90°
Back Section+80° to -40°+80° to -40°
Leg Section 0/-105° (removable) 0/-105° (removable)
Flex/Reflex140° / 100°140° / 100°
Manual OverrideYesYes
Perneal Cut-outYesYes
Kidney ElevatorRadiolucent with 4" PowerRadiolucent with 4" Power
Patient Capacity: Patient Support with raise/lower1100 lbs1100 lbs
Patient Capacity: Full Table Articulation1000 lbs1000 lbs
Patient Capacity: Full Table Articulation (with slide)600 lbs600 lbs

Introduction to the Steris 4095 Surgical Table

The Steris4095 General Surgical Table sets a new standard for surgical tables in the modern Operating Room (OR). Its radiolucent design offers superior imaging capability, ample weight capacity, and articulation options, as well as enhanced mobility for surgical staff. This table is specifically designed to provide the surgical team with the flexibility, control, and convenience necessary for today’s patients and procedures.

The Steris 4095 Surgical Table operates with remarkable efficiency with a tabletop slide that enables seamless positioning adjustments for various surgical specialties, including cardiothoracic, orthopedic, and neurosurgical procedures. Unlike other tables that require turning or reconfiguring, the 4095 Surgical Table simply slides to the desired position, saving valuable time and effort.

One of its standout features is the dual-articulating headrest, which offers enhanced versatility for anesthesia care providers. The headrest’s tilt and height capability facilitate improved patient airway management and simplify lateral patient surgical positioning. With these capabilities, the Steris 4095 Surgical Table optimizes the surgical team’s workflow and supports excellent patient care.

Features of the Steris 4095

  • Superior imaging capability: The radiolucent table offers excellent imaging capabilities for clear visualization during procedures.
  • Adequate weight and articulation capacity: The table can support the weight requirements of patients while providing necessary articulation options for different surgical positions.
  • Ease of mobility: The table is designed for easy maneuverability, allowing surgical staff to move it effortlessly within the operating room.
  • Flexibility and control: The table’s design provides surgical teams with the flexibility and control required for modern patients and procedures.
  • Large imaging window: An 86″ imaging window enables easy C-arm access during procedures, ensuring efficient imaging without obstruction.
  • Tabletop slide: The 18″ tabletop slide allows for effortless positioning adjustments, accommodating various surgical specialties such as cardiothoracic, orthopedic, or neurosurgical procedures.
  • Slide positioning: Unlike other surgical tables, the 4095 Surgical Table can be conveniently slid to the desired position instead of requiring table reconfiguration.

Introduction to the Steris 4085 Surgical Table

The Steris 4085 general surgical table is designed for modern surgical care facilities, offering optimal patient positioning. It is a mobile, electro-hydraulically operated table that features a narrow column and a radiolucent table with a sliding top. This design provides a large imaging footprint, allowing for excellent access for the C-arm and the surgical team without the need for patient reorientation.

The imaging area of the Steris 4085 enables clear and high-quality images, which are essential for minimally invasive surgery, cardiothoracic procedures, orthopedic surgeries, and neurosurgical interventions. The table’s four-section tabletop can contour to accommodate various patient postures. The hand control of the table displays the positioning data on an easy-to-read digital display without the need to lift the sterile drape.

Features of the Steris 4085

  • Accommodation of a wide range of patients in terms of weight and height.
  • Outstanding access for the C-arm, ensuring high-quality imaging for cardiothoracic, orthopedic, and neurosurgical procedures.
  • Four-section tabletop that can conform to different patient postures.
  • Self-leveling floor locks to compensate for uneven operating room floors.
  • An 18″ sliding top that is radiolucent, enabling total body imaging with upper and lower body C-arm access.
  • Removable leg section for unrestricted perineal access.
  • Optional Featherweight Leg Section that complies with AORN Safe Handling Principles.
  • Powered, radiolucent kidney elevator to enhance lateral procedures.
  • User-friendly hand control with a digital data window for ease of use and reading.
  • Auto Limit Sensor to prevent collisions between sections and the table base.
  • Compatibility with a wide range of previously purchased accessories.

Main Differences

The Steris 4095 surgical table distinguishes itself from the Steris 4085 through several notable features. Firstly, the headrests exhibit variation between the two models. The Steris 4095 boasts a dual articulating headrest, whereas the Steris 4085 is equipped with a universal headrest. Additionally, the base of the Steris 4095 is 2 inches shorter, providing the surgeon with increased operating space and maneuverability.

Another significant distinction lies in the side rails. The Steris 4095 features a smooth surface with no screws, mitigating the risk of bio-burden infiltration. This design element promotes optimal hygiene and infection control within the unit. Lastly, while both models include a hand control remote, the Steris 4095 elevates usability through a color-coded interface, enhancing the ease of operation.

Although there exist a few discernible differences between the Steris 4095 and Steris 4085 surgical tables, it is important to note that these disparities are not of significant magnitude.

Refurbished Surgical Tables

Our units undergo a comprehensive refurbishment process that encompasses both technical and cosmetic aspects, ensuring they appear and function like new. Highly certified and knowledgeable biomedical engineers meticulously inspect and test each unit. Parts are replaced only if necessary to ensure optimal efficiency. Once the units are in working order, they are calibrated to meet the original manufacturer’s specifications, guaranteeing their performance matches that of when they were initially manufactured.

After ensuring the surgical tables are in excellent working condition, they undergo a cosmetic restoration process. This involves repairing, cleaning, painting, and replacing decals as needed. To uphold our high-quality standards, the surgical tables undergo a final quality control test before being deemed patient-ready.

Soma Tech Intl offers the Steris 4095 and Steris 4085 surgical tables at prices up to 50% below the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) price. We provide the same service and warranty contracts as new equipment. As an ISO 13485-certified company, we supply medical equipment from top manufacturers. If you are interested in acquiring either of the two featured defibrillators, please feel free to contact us at 1-800-GET-SOMA or email us at [email protected]. Our knowledgeable sales representatives are available to assist you with any further inquiries you may have.

Why Rent From Soma Tech Intl.

For over 25 years, Soma Tech Intl has specialized in outfitting hospitals, surgical centers, and other healthcare facilities with quality, new, demo, and refurbished medical equipment. With one of the largest and most diversified medical equipment inventories, Soma has capabilities that exceed its competitors. Soma’s Rental Program was established to assist the medical industry with critical care equipment. Regardless of the size, location, or financial circumstances of your facility, Soma can provide you with the equipment you need.

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