Baxter InfusOR Syringe Infusion Pump

December 19, 2017
Baxter InfusOR - Syringe Infusion Pump - Soma Technology, Inc.

Baxter InfusOR Syringe Pump

Baxter InfusOR Introduction

The Baxter InfusOR is a syringe infusion pump that aids in the administration of many intravenous agents for a lot of different scenarios. In conjunction with the Smart Label System, the InfusOR provides convenient delivery of narcotics, muscle relaxants, vasoctives, and other drugs. The smart label system, that is used with this infusion pump, is a set of drug-specific labels that attach to the front of the syringe pump. Each smart label can convert the pump into a specific delivery system for the indicated drug with the appropriate delivery units. By simply changing the specifically coded label, the InfusO.R. is automatically changed to a specific delivery system for a particular intravenous agent.

Each smart label that comes with this Baxter Infusion Pump is clearly marked with the drug dilution instructions and required syringe size. This syringe pump accepts 20 or 60 cc B-D or Monoject plastic disposable syringes. These syringes attach to the tubing set for connection to the patient’s primary intravenous line. Using the front panel rotary switches, the drug delivery can easily be selected and changed. The options available are made directly in drug dosing units and, where appropriate, are related to the patient’s body weight eliminating tedious calculations. Eliminating these calculations allows the caregiver to focus on other tasks helping your facility become more efficient. On the display at the bottom of the unit, the total volume of drug delivered is displayed for both patient management and record keeping needs.

Weighing only 2 pounds, this lightweight and battery operated pump can be equipped with a versatile mounting bracket that securely fastens the pump to provide good accessibility during use. The InfusOR pump with the Smart Label System combines the flexibility of a general infusion device with the convenience of a dug specific infusion device to meet many intravenous delivery needs.

Basic Operation

The InfusOR is a battery operated device that holds and delivers disposable syringes in a controlled manner. A plastic holder accepts the syringe barrel, while the syringe plunger is held and moved by a pusher assembly. The Pusher engages a threaded leadscrew which is rotated be a reliable and efficient motor. The motor is controlled and monitored by a microcomputer inside the unit. Smart Labels are attached to the front of the unit magnetically which can be read by the microcomputer. The specifically coded labels tell the microcomputer the delivery rate that is selected by the user for the specific drug. The microcomputer performs calculations so the drug can be delivered as indicated. The InfusOR has a force sensing system that responds to overpressure in the fluid pathway as well as a position detector that determines when the Syringe needs refilling. The microcomputer also controls the indicator lights and alarms on the unit. The batteries are electronically and automatically monitored so the clinician knows when they are getting low.

Smart Label System

The Baxter InfusOR is flexible and convenient thanks to its Smart Label System. The Smart Label System is designed exclusively for the use with Baxter InfusOR. This system allows the pump to deliver many intravenous agents routinely administered during anesthetic procedures. It also has the ability to redefine the rotary input switches of the pump so the delivery rates are appropriate to the selected agent. Not only can the Infusion Syringe pump redefine delivery rates, it also can change the delivery functions, so only specific delivery modes can be used with certain agents.

The Smart Labels are each color-coded by drug class according to the ASTM Drug Label Color Standard. The class and color designations are as follows:

Narcotics – Light Blue
Muscle Relaxants – Fluorescent Red
Vasopressors – Violet
Hypotensive Agents – Violet  with White Stripes
Induction Agents – Yellow
Other Agents – White

The front panel of the InfusOR provides three different operating configurations depending on the drug being delivered. These three operating configurations are:

Bolus and infusion delivery
Infusion delivery without bolus
Infusion delivery that is not based on body weight

Baxter InfusOR Specifications


  • Height: 9.2 In (23.8 cm)
  • Width: 4.5 In (11.3 cm)
  • Depth: 2 In (5 cm)
  • Weight: 2 lbs (1 kg)


  • Monoject or B-D 60 cc
  • Monoject or B-D 20 cc


  • Operating Voltage: 5-7 Volts
  • Operating Current: 20mA
  • Low Battery Voltage: 5.0 Volts


  • Type: Alkaline (NEDA 14A)
  • Quantity: 4 (C Size)
  • Battery Life (New): 150 Hours
  • Battery Life (At Low Battery): 4 Hours


  • Infusion: Linear Rate ±3%
  • Bolus: Linear Displacement ±3%


  • Flow Rates: 0 to 600 mL/hr, depending on the Smart Label
  • Flow Profile
    • Bolus: Continuous
    • Infusion: Pulsed Intermittently

Force and Pressure

  • Occlusion Force: 8 ± 1 lbs. (pressure)
  • Max Occlusion Pressure
    • 11 psi with 60 cc syringe
    • 20 psi with 60 cc syringe

Occlusion Detection Time

  • 120 seconds at 36 mL/hr

Volume Stored on Occlusion

  • 1.1 mL Approximate

Demo and Reufbrished Infusion Pumps

Soma Technology just celebrated their 25th anniversary and continues to be the leader in refurbished capital medical equipment. Not only does Soma Technology technically refurbish products, they also cosmetically refurbished them too. Soma sells refurbished infusion pumps that are brought back to their OEM specifications. Each Infusion pump is brought back to its original manufacturer specifications though; disassembly, inspection, cleaning, repair, replacement of necessary parts, calibration, and specific cosmetic restoration. These products are able to function the same way they did the day they left the manufacturer.

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